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Join Mario Batali at Horizon Books

Friday, November 28th, 9:30AM to 11AM

Join Mario Batali for a Question and Answer with Rick Coates in the Shine Cafe at Horizon Books. When the Q & A is over, Mario will sign copies of his book, America: Farm to Table. In this new book he celebrates American farmers, including Suttons Bay farmer Jim Bardenhagen. Mario asked friends all the way from Nashville to San Francisco who their favorite farmers were, and those farmers graciously shared their personal stories along with their top-of-the-line produce and products.

America--Farm to Table: Simple, Delicious Recipes Celebrating Local Farmers


Grama, You Are So Brave!

AUTHOR SIGNING: Evelyn Johnson with

Grama, You Are So Brave!

Saturday, November 22nd, 1PM to 3PM

Leah and Joey notice the changes in Grama. She isn't doing things with them like she used to and she seems tired more often. How could they help her? Through sweet and touching illustrations, readers will come to realize that even in the toughest moments, those we love can be their bravest. 

Translating Shakespeare: A Guidebook for Young Actors

Saturday, November 22nd, 3PM to 5PM

For actors both young and old, the prospect of preparing to perform a Shakespearean role can be intimidating...even terrifying! "Translating Shakespeare" seeks to make the actor's preparatory work on the Bard's plays both stimulating and fun by de-mystifying the experience. It offers step-by-step explanations of the fundamental processes involved in creative preparation: comparing edited texts, analyzing verse rhythms, identifying antitheses, and most importantly, helping the actor to find his or her own personal key to unlock the plays' contexts and circumstances in inspiring way. Offering many specific examples from the plays in each chapter to illustrate the topics covered, the book concludes with detailed approaches to six Shakespearean scenes, applying all of the work covered in earlier chapters to a practice rehearsal approach.

Substitute Angel
AUTHOR SIGNING: Timothy Best with

Substitute Angel

Saturday, November 22nd, 5PM to 7PM

When a man accidentally injures an angel sent to prevent a murder he reluctantly agrees to help, a decision that forces him to face his past, thrusts him into a situation that could very well be the end of him, and wakens him to the realization that there really is a purpose to all things in life.

AUTHOR SIGNING: Joseph Heywood with

Mountains of the Misbegotten

Sunday, November 23rd, 1PM to 3PM

In the sequel to Red Jacket, former Rough Rider turned Michigan game warden Lute Bapcat sets out to find a deputy warden who has disappeared from Ontonagon County, one of the Michigan Upper Peninsula’s most lawless places. Merely hours into his search, Bapcat is shot by assailants unknown. After a miraculous rescue and recovery aided by mysterious caretakers, Bapcat uncovers a plan by powerful locals to capture and sell bears to zoos around the country, an act akin to theft in Bapcat’s mind. The game warden’s determination to break the scheme ratchets up when it seems his missing colleague may have authored the idea and employed the help of an outlaw called Red Hair, who had been raised in the same orphanage with Bapcat. Red Hair’s gang of thugs have long terrorized the region. Bapcat must use all of his woodcraft to brave the Trap Hills and Porcupine Mountains to face the criminals at the old Nonesuch Mine. Zakov the Russian—Bapcat’s eccentric game warden partner—is brought in to help with the hunt, which causes Bapcat to reevaluate his personal values. In classic Heywood style, an extraordinary band of Upper Peninsula characters collects around intrepid woods cops.
Mountains of the Misbegotten: A Lute Bapcat Mystery

LIVE MUSIC: Kat Eldred

Friday, November 8th, 8:30PM to 10:30PM

Kat is a longtime favorite at Horizon Books with her guitar playing and beautiful singing.  This local with a style all her own is sure to leave you wanting more.  


AUTHOR SIGNING: P.J. Parrish and Peg Herring - Mystery Writers!

Saturday, November 29th, 2PM to 4PM

Horizon's very own PJ Parrish has written many books in her Louis Kincaid series. Begin with DEAD OF WINTER, where Officer Louis Kincaid is looking for a refuge. Drawn to the stark serenity of the Michigan wilderness, he thinks he's found just the place in Loon Lake, gateway to the Winter Wonderland. But behind the facade of pines and gingerbread lurks a killer taking his vengeance.

Peg Herring has written many books as well, in several different series.  Her newest series is written under the pen name of Maggie Pill, and begins with THE SLEUTH SITERS.


BOOK LAUNCH PARTY: Jerry Dennis and Glenn Wolff with

The Bird in the Waterfall: Exploring the Amazing World of Water

Saturday, November 29th, 6PM to 8PM

In paperback for the first time is the new indie-bookstore edition of THE BIRD IN THE WATERFALL, Jerry Dennis's and Glenn Wolff's nationally acclaimed celebration of water in all its beauty and complexity, from the unique structure of its molecule to the elaborate mechanics of the hydrological cycle; from the natural history of oceans, rivers, and lakes to the life histories of the creatures that live in them. Jerry and Glenn explore ice-caps and rogue waves, meandering rivers and subsiding aquifers, a fish that lives only in tiny desert pools and a bird that prefers to nest behind waterfalls. At the heart of the book is a profound appreciation for the nature, science, and lore of water­­ and a passionate appeal for the protection of this most vital of the earth¹s resources.


STORY HOUR: Kristy Kurjan, NAP-A-ROO

Friday, December 5th, 10:00AM to 11:00AM

Every Friday we have a Story Hour!  We read books to go with the theme, do some activities and create a craft.





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