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"You cannot create a place like this; it just sort of happens."

- Victor Herman, Horizon Books' founder, Celebrating the Third Place


AUTHOR TALK: Al Declercq with his book

Bernida: A Michigan Sailing Legend

Friday, July 25th, 4PM to 6PM 

Originally built in 1921 to race in the ocean, a sailboat named Bernida captures the attention and heart of a Michigan sailor. He buys the boat and brings her to the Bayview Yacht Club in Detroit. In 1925 the sailor enters Bernida in the very first Port Huron to Mackinac Island Race.


AUTHOR SIGNING: Richard Hill with his book Dipped

Saturday, July 26th, 12PM to 2PM 

Delmar Dixon is A New York City detective. His wife Angie loves art. He doesn’t, but he accommodates her to the art gallery a second time because the sculptures look almost too real. One of them looked familiar enough that, he wanted to take a closer look. He finds evidence, and goes looking. He winds up enlisting the help of Earl English an ex-Atlanta police detective that knew the Sculpture as Josh Mahoney, a retired detective who became homeless because of his alcohol. They embark on a trip, break into the studio of Isaac Vanderjaght in Chicago to get the evidence, and unexpectedly get locked in a freezer.


AUTHOR SIGNING: Tom Laughlin with his book

The Summer of '71

Saturday, July 26th, 2PM to 4PM 

In 1971 the author hitchhiked across the United States and Europe, keeping a journal of his adventures and observations of life. Forty years later, upon discovering the journal, he realized how much that adventure changed his life. THE SUMMER OF ’71 not only looks at the author's maturation, but also examines how America and Europe have changed over the last forty years. Major topics discussed are the Baby Boomers, Army ROTC, Vietnam, Communism, the Environment, and the social changes that have occurred during those years.


AUTHOR SIGNING: Robert Wangard with his book Payback

Saturday, July 26th, 4PM to 6PM 

A prominent writer is fatally shot during a commemorative mock battle at which live ammunition was prohibited. Pete Thorsen gets dragged into the ensuing investigation when a close friend prevails upon him to represent one of the murder suspects. Trouble soon erupts on all fronts. Pete butts heads with his old nemesis, Sheriff Franklin Richter; the evidence against his client mounts daily; and his love interest turns on him when she learns he's working on the suspect's case. Pete doesn't give up easily, however, and he presses forward with his personal investigation out of loyalty to his friend and a feeling that something isn't quite right. Now he must fight to stop a killer who's determined to keep him quiet.


AUTHOR SIGNING: Stuart Pigott with his book

Riesling: Best White Wine on Earth

Sunday, July 27th, 1PM to 2PM 

In this vibrant, one-of-a-kind guide to one of the most sought-after white wines today, wine authority, author, and Riesling enthusiast Stuart Pigott shares his personal stories of the world of top winemakers, sommeliers, and restaurateurs who are as devoted to Riesling as he is. Pigott travels to the great Riesling-producing areas of the world—from the North American regions of the Finger Lakes, Upper Midwest, Canada, Oregon, and California to Switzerland, Northern Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and South America— and provides wine history and tasting notes. The book also includes a simple and novice-friendly description of how Riesling is made. Illustrated throughout with Pigott’s own photography and featuring an innovative design, Best White Wine on Earth is the must-have guide for the white-wine enthusiast.

Best White Wine on Earth: The Riesling Story
Cold, Cold North

AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR SIGNING: Carolyn Drake and Marcia Borrell with their book

Cold, Cold North

Wednesday, July 30th, 10AM to 12PM 

COLD, COLD NORTH originated one evening after dreaming up stories for a not-yet-two-year old child who asked for more, more. It was the Arctic story he wanted repeated and months later requested when he saw Grandmom. This child's picture book about Arctic wildlife is told with informative verse and introduces a variety of animals that are a living part of the Arctic landscape. The verse encourages the reader and child to express the feeling of the words while introducing some uncommonly spoken words. The flow of the verse is enhanced by crayon illustrations. You are invited to take a journey through the pages of Cold, Cold North and discover the "WHO-O-O knows the seasons for the snow"


AUTHOR SIGNING: Joseph Cadotte with his book

Jannah Station: A Soft Murder

Wednesday, July 30th, 12PM to 2PM 

A third of the way ahead of Earth in its orbit, Jannah Station is a resort habitat for some of the Solar System's wealthiest families and the people and bots who serve them. When the immortal chief financier of the station dies of heart failure, detective Faisal Werner must prove it to be murder, or chaos will consume the habitat.

 Jannah Station: A Soft Murder
 Redemption: Searching for Salvation

AUTHOR SIGNING: Tashina Clancy with her book

Redemption: Searching for Salvation

Wednesday, July 30th, 2PM to 4PM 

A thrilling tale of two fated individuals separated by time. As one searches for a place to fit in, the other seeks redemption. Will their paths cross or will life get in the way? Darkness follows them at every turn whispering corruption.




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