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Coloring Poster Party: Traverse City Coloring Poster by Susan Alexander

Saturday, June 6th, 10AM to 1PM

Join Susan to color this beautiful, large Traverse City coloring poster.  Kids of all ages will love to use colored pencils, crayons, markers or paint to make this great poster come alive!  Susan will be asking each participant to sign the area he or she colored, and the final products will be placed in key spots in Traverse City!


Author Signing: Charles Graham with Survive! Marooned on Planet Tau Ceti g

Saturday, June 6th, 12PM to 2PM

While exploring the galaxy and looking for habitable worlds for human colonization, the United Earth Space Force exploratory ship, Copernicus, is destroyed by an encounter with an unexpected meteor storm as it orbits a newly discovered planet twelve light years from Earth. Of the more than one hundred scientists and crew members aboard, only a few escape to the surface of Planet Tau Ceti g—one being Chris Elliott, a thirty-six-year-old xenobiologist who now must struggle to help himself and the other survivors to stay alive on an unfriendly, alien world. With dwindling resources and no communication with Earth to coordinate a rescue, the group is forced to battle hostile elements and creatures never before seen by humans. Now only time will tell if any of them will live long enough to see a rescue.,204,203,200_.jpg

Author Signing: Peter Marabell with Murder on Lake Street

Saturday, June 13th, 12PM to 2PM

Michael Russo’s friend and mentor, Frank Marshall, is the target of an assassination attempt one damp autumn night in Petoskey.  The case goes cold fast.  The police have no suspects and no leads, so Russo begins his own investigation.  It is quickly apparent that the attack was not a random shooting but a professional hit.  Russo vows to hold those involved accountable by whatever means necessary.  He tracks the shooters, tries to find out who ordered the hit, and manages to antagonize anyone who gets in his way.  

Author Signing: Dr. Tunishai Ford with This is a Comma in Your Life, not a Period

Saturday, June 13th, 4PM to 6PM

Experience this life-changing saga that will leave you refreshed, renewed and inspired to face life's most challenging times. THIS IS A COMMA IN YOUR LIFE, NOT A PERIOD will take you to a level of faith and hope never experienced before.  Dr. Ford has also written I MISS THE HUGS BUT NOT THE HURTS.  In a world filled with intoxicating pleasures and enthralling diversions, we sometimes stray from our God-given purpose. We sometimes substitute true worship of the Lord with worship of his created things--entertainment, hobbies, sports, material goods, families, careers--to find fulfillment. In the end, however, we are still left unfulfilled because we were never made for the things of this world. We were made by God to bring him glory.

STORY HOUR: Chickadees

Friday, June 5th, 10:00AM to 11:00AM

Every Friday we have a Story Hour!  We read books to go with the theme, do some activities and create a craft.




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