Celebrate July with a fantastic book!

"You cannot create a place like this; it just sort of happens."

- Victor Herman, Horizon Books' founder, Celebrating the Third Place


STORY HOUR: Monday, July 14, Froggy!

Every Monday at 10:00 am, Horizon Books offers Story Hour.  Come in to hear some stories, do some activities and do a craft


AUTHOR SIGNING: Kelly McNees with her book The Island of Doves

Wednesday, July 9th, 4PM to 6PM 

Susannah Fraser lives in one of Buffalo’s finest mansions, but her husband has made it a monstrous prison. When a mysterious woman offers to help her escape, Susannah boards a steamboat for Mackinac Island. But after being a dutiful daughter and obedient wife, it is only as she flees that she realizes how unprepared she is for freedom. An exceptional woman of early America, Magdelaine Fonteneau has overcome convention to live a bold and adventurous life, achieving great wealth and power as a fur trader. But Magdelaine has also seen great tragedy and lost all that was dear to her, and she is no longer sure her hardened heart is capable of love. Now, Magdelaine seeks redemption by offering safe harbor to Susannah. But as their friendship grows into something miraculous, it changes each woman in unexpected ways.

The Island of Doves

AUTHORS SIGNING: David Anthony and Charles David with their book Heroes A to Z: The Cherry Bomb Squad

Thursday, July 10th, 2PM to 4PM 

Friday, July 11th, 2PM to 4PM

Saturday, July 12th, 2PM to 4PM

In this adventure, a family visit to Cherry Olde Orchard becomes a waking, walking nightmare. The trees pick up root and start laying down the lumber. If that's not enough, their cherry bombs will flatten anything in their path. Traverse City and the National Cherry Festival will never be the same.


AUTHOR SIGNING: Jeffery Schatzer with his book The Runaway Garden

Friday, July 11th, 10AM to 12PM 

The idea for THE RUNAWAY GARDEN came to Schatzer when he heard the staggering statistics of runaways in the United States today. With one in seven children running away at some time in their young lives, Schatzer wanted to tell a story that could open discussion in a positive light about what could happen if a child left home. When he sat down to think of who could do the running away and what situations could develop, vegetables came to mind, using their names with homonyms and puns. All the green peas split for town; the tomatoes stewed and stirred. Celery and her friend sweet corn stalked off without a word. What made the snap beans snap? How did the berries get into a jam? What happened to the cauliflower’s head?

The Runaway Garden: A delicious story that's good for you, too!

AUTHOR SIGNING: John Mitchell with his book Prehistoric Great Lakes

Friday, July 11th, 12PM to 2PM 

PREHISTORIC GREAT LAKES explores the geological formation of the Great Lakes region and the bountiful natural resources which have shaped human history. Travel through time from the Precambrian bedrock of the Lake Superior region, laden with copper and iron - to limestone deposits rich with fossils from ancient seas - to a legacy coal and oil from lush and tropical swamps. Discover how the collision of continents, the power of glaciers and the persistence of life in an ever-changing environment shaped the Great Lakes region.

AUTHOR SIGNING: Carl Sams with his book Stranger in the Woods

Friday, July 11th, 12PM to 2PM 

Years after it was first published, Stranger in the Woods remains a bestseller, with more than one-million copies in print and repeated appearances on the bestseller lists. Winner of numerous awards, including the 2001 International Reading Association's highest honour, this charming tale uses wildlife photography to tell the story of animals' reactions to a snowman who appears in the woods after a winter storm. Now, the book will be featured on one of the floats for this year's Cherry Festival parades!

Stranger in the Woods: A Photographic Fantasy


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