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Editor's Corner (November)

By: Amy Reynolds

The National Writers Series choice for the 2017 Community Read is Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging by Sebastian Junger (see front page for details). We welcomed one of our own Tribe members back this fall. Bob Breithaupt has worked at Horizon Books since 1969, that's right, nearly fifty years. As receiving staff, he's touched nearly every book delivered to Horizon Books. You can get a pretty good idea of his age if I also tell you that he started here not long after graduating from Michigan State University. When most people would take an opportunity to retire, even look forward to it, Bob is articulate about his eagerness to be back after being gone for a month due to health reasons. Working keeps him youthful and engaged but, even more than that, he recognizes his own tribe in the friends he's known in the workplace all these years. He will tell you that he loves being here, doing his job, interacting with delivery people, authors, customers and coworkers. In turn, we missed Bob. His brief absence brought home his importance to us as a contributing member of our team and as a cheerful, reliable, loyal friend as well. Here's to your continued good health, Bob. We Honor you as one of the tribe!