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Editor's Corner (July)

By: Amy Reynolds

Summer, when the days are at their longest, might be just the time to indulge in a good old gothic thriller. The sunlight might help in keeping away that chill up the backbone, that glance over your shoulder, even the scary dream. Wendy Webb, known as the "Queen of the Northern Gothic," has delivered another supernatural story of suspense, The End of Temperance Dare. The setting is an artists colony that occupies an old tuberculosis asylum. Sounding vaguely familiar? Wendy Webb has known since she was eleven that she wanted to be a writer and we can be glad that she has been able to pursue her dream (see front page).

If you're looking for another thriller, try The Marsh King's Daughter by Karon Dionne. It's a two day read, just because you can't bear to put it down. Karen lived in the Upper Peninsula as a young married woman so she knows the country. Only one person has the skills to find the survivalist known as the Marsh King, the only person trained by him, and it's Helena, his daughter! The conflicting emotions of the daughter and the suspenseful hunt will keep you riveted to this psychological thriller.

When the scary stories around the campfire have only whetted your appetite, pick up either, or both, of these Northern Thrillers!

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