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Editor's Corner (March/April)

By: Amy Reynolds

Gun control and legislation is the national discussion as this country mourns the deaths of 17 students from Parkland, Florida. I congratulate the students in Florida and across the country in organizing and deciding that if they want change, they will have to involve themselves in the discussion. Arming the teachers is not the answer any more than to arm booksellers, retail employees, or librarians. Our children need to feel safe and be safe in school/ All adults need to feel safe and be safe in their workplace.

When researching a book to recommend to you and to enhance the discussion, I turn once again to story, and the new novel by Rhiannon Navin, Only Child. Through the eyes of six year old Zach, we live through an elementary school shooting and then his determination to help the adults in his life rediscover love and compassion. Sometimes the littlest bodies hold the biggest hearts, and the quietest voices speak the loudest.

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