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Editor's Corner (September)

By: Amy Reynolds

Some of you may have attended the first annual Book Club Society hosted by the Traverse Area District Library, National Writer's Series, and Horizon Books last month. If you did, you heard me recommend this captivating novel by Celeste Ng, Little Fires Everywhere. In the very first sentence, we find that a family's house in the utopia of Shaker Heights, Ohio has burned down, and that it was their youngest child of four that set the fires. How could this have happened in their quiet successful town? How could it have come to this? The novel explores the interaction of two families: a picture perfect family of six, the other a family of two. I found myself marking passages, passing the book to my husband to read just a page or two before grabbing it back from him, noting individuals who I wanted to share excerpts with and being drawn into the story from many directions. Ng writes with compassion and a depth that has stayed with me. This one I'll be reading again and I can hardly wait to begin sharing Little Fires Everywhere with others. Publication date is September 12.

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