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Meet Our Staff 2016






The elusive Vic Herman founded Horizon Books in 1961; he is now President of the corporation and is rarely seen in the store. This photograph was captured in the wild using a motion-activated lens.


Amy is the sales manager at Horizon. She has worked here since 1977, and still finds her job fresh and challenging every day. She says she'll never feel as if she's read enough books.



Lois is our Children's Book Specialist. She workswith schools and libraries,   and she can help you find that perfect book for your child or grandchild.



Terry works hard after hours at Horizon, keeping the entire store clean and in top-notch condition for our customers.

Joseph is Vic and Amy's son. He frequents Horizon Books after school on weeknights and was recently promoted to Head of Store Security.

Margaret is our resident book sleuth. If you've got a rare or out-of-print edition you'd like to special order, she can find it for you.




Jill is one of our store managers and events coordinator at Horizon. She is dedicated to bringing in all the local authors and musicians Traverse City has to offer.


Gary is CEO of Horizon Books.  This is Gary's second career.  He retired the first time in 2004 from engineering/manufacturing and expects to be at Horizon Books for many, many, many more years.


Bob began working at Horizon Books in 1969, and is our employee of longest tenure. He manages all the receiving for all three of our bookstore locations



Leigh Anne is our resident editor-in-chief. She works each month to write and compile the Horizon Books newsletter, as well as organizing and putting out all of our monthly staff picks.


Olivia manages the cafe. She is the one responsible for our wonderful range of soups, sandwiches, and baked goods.



Marla has worked for Horizon Books since 2000, when she walked away from a lucrative career co-hosting alongside Conan O'Brien. Previously known around these parts as a seasonal worker, we are pleased she will now be with us year-round!


Erica takes care of the accounting at Horizon. One of Vic Herman's daughters, she has worked at the bookstore all her life. Coleman, Erica's son.  Formerly known as the "Horizon Baby" when he was an infant hanging out in his mom's office.  Now, a bit older, he helps out with the Ordering Department's data entry and any odd jobs throughout the store.

Laurie has worked here since 2013, in the cafe, coffee bar, and most of at the front desk, where she is a passionate book lover and seller.


Jinhee works in Receiving with Bob. She also handles all our book returns, works the lower level counter, and takes care of all the internet orders for the store.




Ben is our beloved website maintenance man! You may find him on one of our many computers, shelving books or magazines, or perhaps making sandwiches in the Shine Cafe. He's tall with very long hair and always wears a hat. You can't miss him!



Megan works along with Jill booking musicians for our weekend concerts. She works upstairs at the main desk, as well as downstairs in the Shine Cafe doing battle with the espresso machine.




Kathy works most weeknights in the lower level. This is her 26th year at Horizon, and she's become "one of   the woodwor," as she puts it.



Rio is the newest member of our upstairs coffee bar. He is very friendly, and a great barista.




Kelly is our resident bestselling author! She and her sister write under the pen name PJ Parrish, and are frequent members of mystery author conventions. Kelly herself does a bit of everything around here, from desk work to cafe work, and is sure to bring a smile to employees and customers alike. 





Rachel is another member of our new and improved coffee bar! She is a book lover as well, and will help you find just what you need, while brewing a top notch espresso drink.


Tara Hankins can be found manning the river level cafe around breakfast time. She is a large contributor to our selection of lovely baked goods.


Tara Chalut is our administrative assistant, and a member of the accounting department.



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