Me and Mr. Mephistopheles (Paperback)

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THE AMERICAN EDITION Satan is being outsourced. According to the Powers That Be, Hell isn't hellish enough, and Satan is given seven days to figure out how to bring back the fire and brimstone days of Hell's fury. The Devil takes on human form-a ramshackle, disease ridden body-and sets out on a road trip exploring new and novel miseries of the human condition to save his job. From L.A. to Miami, Satan, accompanied by Eustice Seeney, the only man who managed to escape Hell twice (and live to never shut up about it), some bent doctors, an average medium femme fatale with a Tarot tattoo, and an angelic escort service hit the road. Satan manages to finagle his way into one mess of life's affairs after another culminating in an explosive finale revealing who or what puts the lighting in our dreams, and begs the question of who would rid the world of the Devil they know?
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ISBN: 9780615856209
ISBN-10: 0615856209
Publisher: Mma Publishing Group International
Publication Date: January 20th, 2014
Pages: 300
Language: English