Light Ignited, Miracles Unleashed: A Cosmic Blueprint for Your Miracles (Paperback)

Light Ignited, Miracles Unleashed: A Cosmic Blueprint for Your Miracles By Jane Holman Cover Image
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Our reality has always been defined by what has been deemed impossible. It's time to release this old paradigm of constraint, control and limitations. Light Ignited, Miracles Unleashed seeks to discover what is possible when our light is fully ignited.

Jane Holman's first book, Pearls of Wisdom is about releasing all that is in the way of our peace, wisdom and potential, and her second book Seeds of Self-Care considers how we can activate our love and response to life through self-care. As the final entry to Jane's trilogy, Light Ignited, Miracles Unleashed unpacks the next stage in this evolutionary process.

The first part of the book details how readers can be, receive and create miracles of all kinds. Part two contains the profound messages from a range of mystics, goddesses and cosmic beings, allowing you to connect with their divinely channelled wisdom to further ignite your light and unleash your miracles. These higher beings speak of what is required for humankind to manifest miracles and possibilities beyond our current known reality. The book's final section focuses on what humans might be capable of in the future: the superhuman talents, gifts and abilities that may become our new normal.

Light Ignited, Miracles Unleashed entrusts its readers with this extraordinary information and, in return, they will uncover what it means to be truly miraculous. You are the gift you have been waiting for.

Now is the time, your time.
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ISBN: 9780645523799
ISBN-10: 0645523798
Publisher: Kind Press
Publication Date: November 27th, 2022
Pages: 394
Language: English