Harmony From The Inside Out: A Guide to Peak Performance (Paperback)

Harmony From The Inside Out: A Guide to Peak Performance By Jan Carley Cover Image

Harmony From The Inside Out: A Guide to Peak Performance (Paperback)


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Harmony from the Inside OutA Guide to Peak PerformanceLive into your potential by leveraging your biggest asset - You Use this book and the exercises in it to explore and experience the positive results of living, working and performing from the inside out. Your world is your stage - a life of possibility awaits.You'll learn...-how a simple shift in approach will move you instantly from stuck to possibility-how to reduce the mental interference that holds you back-how to eliminate your limiting beliefs-how to harness the power of your mind to create your peak performance-how to succeed by acknowledging and maximizing your signature strengths-how utilizing the power of intention will transform your lifeHere's what waits for you inside the pages of Harmony from the Inside Out...Chapter One: The "A" Game - Living in PossibilityLearn how one simple shift in approach can instantly shift your life or group culture with dramatic effects.Chapter Two: Getting In Tune - Clearing your Inner StaticLearn how to get rid of external and internal interferences getting in your way.Chapter Three: Why Not? - Eliminating your Limiting BeliefsIdentify your mental barriers and expand your possibilitiesChapter Four: Pollyanna Lives - The Power of Positive ThinkingGet practical strategies to instantly positivize your life for more joy and happinessChapter Five: The "Woo Woo" Primer - Creating a Grounded FoundationLearn how to breathe and center yourself, focus and ground your energy for maximum daily benefits.Chapter Six: The Brain Gain - Utilizing the Power of the MindUse the power of your greatest resource, your mind, to create the world you want.Chapter Seven: Right Here, Right Now - The Power of IntentionMaximize your effectiveness by being intentional in everything you do.Chapter Eight: Coaching - The Language of PossibilityImprove your communications by learning the Coach Approach principlesChapter Nine: Doable Goal Setting - The Power of Incremental ImprovementFinally - an easy way to set goals that set you up for success Chapter Ten: Yes, You are Worth It - Celebration and AcknowledgementDiscover how acknowledging and celebrating your unique gifts will amplify your contribution to the world.

Product Details ISBN: 9780981237732
ISBN-10: 0981237738
Publisher: Creative Coaching Group
Publication Date: August 16th, 2019
Pages: 176
Language: English