Murder in the Boonies: A Sleuth Sisters Mystery (Paperback)

Murder in the Boonies: A Sleuth Sisters Mystery Cover Image
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The abrupt disappearance of the renters at the Sleuth Sisters' family farm presents Faye with the chance to do something she's always dreamed of: start a retirement home for draft horses. The circumstances surrounding the move are strange, though, and Faye, Barb, and Retta begin to suspect that at least some of the family members didn't leave voluntarily. Balancing a menagerie of animals with tracking down clues as to where the man, woman, and three daughters might have gone, the sleuths uncover a series of surprises that lead to dangers they never anticipated. As those dangers grow, the sisters-and everyone around them-are plunged into deadly peril.
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ISBN: 9780986147500
ISBN-10: 0986147508
Publisher: Gwendolyn Books
Publication Date: May 20th, 2015
Pages: 322
Language: English