The Climate Change Hoax: Pathway to Socialism (Paperback)

The Climate Change Hoax: Pathway to Socialism By Lawrence W. Newman (Photographer), Lawrence W. Newman Cover Image
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This thoughtful book examines the continuing controversy surrounding climate change and the political implications of the Green New Deal recently introduced in Congress. The author feels the legislation will destroy the American economy and lead the United States down the road to socialism. In addition to presenting many facts attacking the "man-made" global warming assumptions of some climatologists, the author has gathered relevant quotes from many sources supporting his stand that any global warming occurring is due to changes in the sun's radiation, which should be adapted to, and not be fought by expensive programs that will prove unsuccessful.

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ISBN: 9780986420191
ISBN-10: 0986420190
Publisher: Silver Millennium Publications, Inc.
Publication Date: May 10th, 2019
Pages: 106
Language: English