The Zen of Chocolate: Wisdom by the Bar (Zen for Life #2) (Paperback)

The Zen of Chocolate: Wisdom by the Bar (Zen for Life #2) By Laine Cunningham, Angel Leya (Cover Design by) Cover Image

The Zen of Chocolate: Wisdom by the Bar (Zen for Life #2) (Paperback)

By Laine Cunningham, Angel Leya (Cover Design by)

The Zen of Chocolate combines original bittersweet wisdom with succulent photos. Written by an award-winning author, these delectable and meaningful sayings convey the insights found in every square of chocolate and every dusting of cocoa.

Chocolate has inspired wonder and delight for millennia. Long considered a healthy drink and now proven to be a healthful food, chocolate triggers an intense experience.

Imagine a chocolate fantasy like chocolate pizza, a chocolate store where everything is free, or a chocolate restaurant that makes everything with the confection. Chocolate fudge and chocolate syrup can be enhanced with other natural wonders like honey, or it can be paired with flavored coffee. While savoring the flavor, the mind expands and receives wisdom by the bar.

Milk chocolate, hot chocolate, dark chocolate, semisweet chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate liquor, baking chocolate, cocoa and chocolate nibs can be folded into desserts, candy, chocolate bars, chocolate mousse, cookies, cheesecake, brownies, pastry, truffles, and even marzipan. With so many options, the inspirational saying flow through a mind that is relaxed and energized with chocolate

Inspiring photos enhance each original saying in a full-color book that makes a perfect gift. A tempting collection for every chocolate lover, foodie, and anyone seeking peace, The Zen of Chocolate satiates with wisdom that can make us happier, healthier, calmer, and more loving.

The softcover edition uses a single-page layout for an affordable price point. The hardcover edition displays each saying across a beautiful two-page spread with the full-color photo on the righthand page, making it the perfect gift.

Laine Cunningham, a three-time recipient of The Hackney Award, writes fiction that takes readers around the world. Her debut novel, The Family Made of Dust, is set in the Australian Outback, while Reparation is a novel of the American Great Plains. She is the editor of Sunspot Literary Journal.

Product Details ISBN: 9780998224015
ISBN-10: 0998224014
Publisher: Sun Dogs Creations
Publication Date: February 9th, 2017
Pages: 56
Language: English
Series: Zen for Life