Lakota Star Knowledge: Studies in Lakota Stellar Theology (Paperback)

Lakota Star Knowledge: Studies in Lakota Stellar Theology By Alan Seeger (Editor), Ronald Goodman Cover Image
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Throughout the Americas, Native North American groups throughout the hemisphere have been avid watchers of the sky and have carefully noted the cyclic patterns of the Sun and Moon, the stars, and planets. In earlier years, they had to heed the teachings of celestial events in order to survive. One of the primary impediments to interpreting sky-related traditions is today's general lack of observational experience. Even many professional astronomers have little experience with naked eye observations. Yet naked eye observation allows one to construct a highly accurate calendar using the ordered patterns and motions of the celestial bodies. Native American groups also watched the motions of the planets, as well as other appearances including comets, meteor showers, and lunar and solar eclipses, in order to guide their lives. This book is concerned with regular celestial events that provided sacred order to the Lakota. The following pages summarize the primary stellar and solar features a naked eye observer would be able to follow and relate these observations to observational practices of Native North Americans.
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Publisher: Sgu Publishing
Publication Date: August 1st, 2017
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