Diplomatic Strategies of Nations in the Global South: The Search for Leadership (Hardcover)

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1. Introduction: Rise of Which Global South States?
Part One: Seeking Global Leadership
2. Brazil's International Rise in the Twenty-First Century3. Aspiring to be a Global Power: China's Activism in the Global South 4. From Reluctance to Readiness: India 's Foreign Policy and Diplomatic Strategies in the Twenty-First Century 5. South Africa in Africa and the World: The Diplomatic Strategies of a Global-Regional Power
Part Two: Regional-Subregional Leaders 6. Egypt as a Leading Nation: Regional Imperatives and Domestic Constraints 7. Iran's Permanent Quest for Regional Power Status8. Nigeria's Diplomacy: The Challenges of Regional Power and Leadership in a Globalizing World 9. Uganda: A Mix of Strategies for Soft Power Goals10. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: Ideological Diplomacy and Regional Leadership
Part Three: Seeking Subregional Leaderships
11. Incapacity, Endowment, and Ambivalence in Deciphering Azerbaijan's Regional Leadership Strategy 12. Cuba: Still Punching Above Its Weight 13. Qatar's Global Activism: Pursuing Ambition in the Midst of Domestic and Regional Transitions14. Senegal: A West African Leader in a Globalized World? 15. The Diplomacy of Singapore: Rationality and Pitfalls
16. Conclusion: Lessons Learned

About the Author

Jacqueline Braveboy-Wagner is Professor of Political Science at the City College and The Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York, United States. She is a specialist in foreign policy, diplomacy, and related development issues, particularly with respect to small states (and specifically Caribbean states) as well as the nations of the global south in general. She has authored or edited ten books and numerous articles and is the founding chair of the Global South Caucus of the International Studies Association.
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