The Cedric Files (Paperback)

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It was only a teeny tiny mistake, after all, that first propelled our immigrant hero, then seven years old, and his family to America in 1888. But was it that same "slip-up" that would soon kill his father, and was its shadow destined to follow Boris and undermine any success - in life and love - for the rest of his life?

Thus, in a tale that spans that escape from European confinement of Jews to not long after Boris' death, we are caught up in his triumphs and reversals. From the misfortune that accompanies his Hartford hotel's celebratory 1916 opening, through war and pandemic, economic ravage and social upheaval, rumors only fuel the regular recurrence of a "curse."

Among the wide range of characters interacting with Boris and this question: another precocious enterpriser and politician; a jealous one-time supervisor; his forbidden lover and mother to illegitimate son, who himself will "transgress"; and his granddaughter, a beautiful if questionably talented actress.

Throughout, there's Cedric, Boris' invaluable assistant and still hotel concierge. Now at 77, does his stumble onto old attic files help him resolve his boss' contradictory legacy? And what about the last-minute twist, the one that threatens his own imminent retirement?

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ISBN: 9781398475076
ISBN-10: 1398475076
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: March 31st, 2023
Pages: 382
Language: English