Core Light Healing: My Personal Journey and Advanced Healing Concepts for Creating the Life You Long to Live (Paperback)

Core Light Healing: My Personal Journey and Advanced Healing Concepts for Creating the Life You Long to Live By Barbara Ann Brennan Cover Image

Core Light Healing: My Personal Journey and Advanced Healing Concepts for Creating the Life You Long to Live (Paperback)


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Barbara Ann Brennan, founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and best-selling author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging, is one of the most influential healers and spiritual leaders of the 21st century. 

Now, in her latest book, Core Light Healing, her work continues with revolutionary new information on working with the creative process and the fourth level. The fourth-level, or astral, world bridges the creative pulse from the physical to the higher levels of reality and manifestation. Core Light Healingalso chronicles Barbara Brennan’s life journey and personal experiences.

In Core Light Healing you will discover:

• The nature of the creative process from the Human Energy Consciousness perspective
• How each of us creates blocks in our energy fields; how blocks look, interact, and ultimately cause dysfunction in our lives; and the process involved in the clearing of blocks and releasing our creative potential
• How to develop and work with High Sense Perception and its role in facilitating the clearing of blocks in our energy fields
• The nature of fourth-level reality and its vital role in the creative process
• The fourth level as it relates to healing relationships and the cord connections that underlie those relationships
• And much more

Complete with full-color and black-and-white illustrations, Core Light Healing offers to take you on a journey to create the life you have always imagined.
Barbara Ann Brennan, founder and president of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, has been researching the Human Energy Field for more than 35 years. Her best-selling books—Hands of Light® and Light Emerging—are considered classics in the fields of energy work and complementary medicine. Her work has resulted in the development of Brennan Healing Science, a holistic healing modality based on the Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease. This work touches every aspect of a person’s life to improve the quality of life. A former NASA physicist, Barbara Ann Brennan holds advanced degrees in philosophy and theology as well as physics. Before she retired from teaching, she and her faculty trained over 3,000 graduates in the four-year Brennan Healing Science Professional Studies and Bachelor of Science programs as well as teacher training and integration work programs. The school continues her work and celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2017. Website:
Product Details ISBN: 9781401971359
ISBN-10: 1401971350
Publisher: Hay House LLC
Publication Date: June 28th, 2022
Pages: 430
Language: English
“I’ve been a fan of Barbara Brennan’s work for over 25 years—she has touched thousands with her healing gift. In Core Light Healing, Barbara has created the essential healing guide—a fascinating read for anyone seeking to understand the role that energy plays in mental, physical, and spiritual health and to free themselves from destructive patterns and suppressed trauma that prevent them from living their very best life.”
— James Van PraaghNew York Times best-selling author of The Power of Love

“Books like Core Light Healing show up in your life—like people you love—as acts of destiny! Barbara Ann Brennan is a NASA-trained physicist and an extraordinary mystic. She’s here to take you on a mind-altering, heart-opening journey into the cosmos and your divine nature. Let’s go!”
— Robert Holden, author of Holy Shift! and Life Loves You

“To know Barbara Brenna is to know her ‘core light healing’ work. She is a delightful person, fellow-teacher, and friend. She lives the life of spirit and brings the ‘magic’ and discipline of the healer to everything she does. We’ve known Barbara for over 40 years. When we first met, she was a brainy blond NASA scientist. Not long after, she revealed herself on deeper levels as she entered another world—the world of the heart and healing.”
— Bert and Moira Shaw, co-founders of The 50/50 Work and authors of Bully Big Mouth