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THIS BOOK! This book - right here - is what I love about science fiction. I can hardly believe it was written in 2016 -- the wonderfully paced story, the
twisting development of the  characters as they evolve, grand philosophical themes, celebration of glorious otherness, and hard biology are reminiscent of the works of the older masters of science fiction. It is a race for the stars. It is the end and the beginning of "humanity". It is masterful world building. It is no
wonder it was awarded The Arthur C Clarke Award.

(There’s a word I’m purposely not using in this
description, and you’ll just have to read the book to figure out what It is…)

— lana


The last remnants of the human race left a dying Earth, desperate to find a new home among the stars. Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, they discover the greatest treasure of the past age—a world terraformed and prepared for human life. But all is not right in this new Eden. In the long years since the planet was abandoned, the work of its architects has borne disastrous fruit. The planet is not waiting for them, pristine and unoccupied. New masters have turned it from a refuge into mankind's worst nightmare. Now two civilizations are on a collision course, both testing the boundaries of what they will do to survive. As the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, who are the true heirs of this new Earth?

About the Author

Adrian Tchaikovsky is the author of the Shadows of the Apt series, which includes Empire in Black and Gold, Dragonfly Falling, Blood of the Mantis, and other titles.

Praise For…

"Like a Stephen Baxter novel with an epic sweep of history (see his Evolution, for example), added to a broad cast of a Peter Hamilton Space Opera and the narrative drive of, say, a David Brin or a Greg Bear old style SF novel, Children of Time soon got me hooked." —SFF World

"Children of Time has that essence of the classic science fiction novels, that sense of wonder and unfettered imagination but combined with this is the charm of a writer who really knows how to entertain, how to spin a good story. Essential science fiction, a book not to be missed." —SF Book

Shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award for best science fiction novel of the year published in 2015. 

Winner of the Arthur C. Clarke Award.
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ISBN: 9781447273301
ISBN-10: 1447273303
Publisher: Pan Books
Publication Date: July 2016
Pages: 600
Language: English