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Preface to first edition 1997 This book has developed from more that 40 years of work with static electric problems and almost as long a period of teaching courses on electrostatics, primarily at The Technical University of Denmark. Several chapters of the book are hardly more than a brush-up of the general knowledge of most physicists. But with the ever increasing specialization, in today's teaching and research, little attention seems to be paid to simple and basic relations. For this regrettable fact I am grateful. It is my hope that the book may take the newcomer by the hand and also remind the specialist of some basic facts she may have forgotten or perhaps never learned. Preface to second edition This book differs from the first edition by several topics being totally rewritten. This is the case as far as chapters 4, 5, 6 and 8 are concerned. The background for the new versions is to a large extent my contributions to the ESDA (ElectroStatic Discharge Association) symposia and tutorials and especially my articles (Mr. Static) in Compliance Engineering. Most of the figures have been redrawn. A major part has been borrowed from Compliance Engineering, and the permission to do so is gratefully acknowledged.
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