Straight Motion of Road Vehicles (Paperback)

Straight Motion of Road Vehicles By Alessandro Lattuada, Giampiero Mastinu, Giuseppe Matrascia Cover Image
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In the vehicle design process, straight motion is often obtained through the tuning of tires and suspension parameters. The perception of vehicle quality is greatly reduced when the driver feels tire pull or steering wheel stiffness when attempting to maintain the vehicle on a straight path.

Straight Motion of Road Vehicles explores the straight motion of road vehicles with particular focus on the role played by tires, vehicle suspensions, and road cross slope. The authors consider vehicles currently in production as well as automated vehicles, which are likely to become more prevalent in the future. This work will lead to the production of safer, smarter, and more comfortable vehicles, enabling engineering solutions for vehicles that naturally run straight ahead, saving fuel and minimizing tire wear.

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ISBN: 9781468601299
ISBN-10: 1468601296
Publisher: SAE International
Publication Date: March 19th, 2020
Pages: 260
Language: English