The Thirteen-Hour Life Coach (Paperback)

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Simon, a struggling student, realises one day that external life distractions have disappeared, he can read and comprehend a book for the very first time and comes face-to-face with his inner voice. Simon, recently diagnosed with ADHD, calls the voice Big Mo. Big Mo orchiatrates Simon's life perfectly for the duration that Simon's medication lasts in his system - a full 13 hours Simon then realises he now lives every day, like so many other people with ADHD, in one world of confusion and one of clarity. With Big Mo's suggestions and Simon's productivity, the two look at problems and solutions in fitting into society with ADHD as well as with themselves. But Mo and Simon only come up with ideas from one source of information so they turn to Simon's diaries, which he has written for 11 years, books on culture and self development, his wife, family, work colleagues, friends and school pals in finding the essential building blocks for a successful life with ADHD. Simon then sets up an ADHD success group in a local town, near to his home in Bayern Germany, to help teach others and to discuss more strategies in living successfully with ADHD. But when Big Mo leaves Simon after 13 hours, each and every day, Simon is plummeted into confusion once again. Simon is sad and distraught when Big Mo is absent but anticipates Big Mo's arrival every morning within an hour of taking his medication. Simon and Big Mo have developed a strong bond and use success strategies every day. This book has been written in the hope that many others can follow this guide to lead a positive and enjoyable life with ADHD.
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ISBN: 9781471784613
ISBN-10: 1471784614
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2021
Pages: 98
Language: English