Women Pastors and God's Ordained Order (Paperback)

Women Pastors and God's Ordained Order By Louis R. Torres Cover Image

Women Pastors and God's Ordained Order (Paperback)


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If you are interested in a biblical approach to the question of women's ordination, then Women Pastors and God's Ordained Order is the book for you. It establishes the fundamental trustworthiness of the Bible as the guiding light for the church. Author Louis R. Torres shows that, although there are cultural issues in the stories and teaching of the Bible, divine inspiration ensures that the roles of men and women outlined from the Creation to the Fall were determined by the unique natural capabilities rather than by antiquated cultural expectations. Trace the relevance of Old Testament laws for New Testament believers, God's stipulations about ordination in the Old and New Testaments, and the role of elders throughout Scripture. Torres believes if you are searching for biblical precedents, that would suggest that the equality of all believers in Christ sets up the expectation that women be ordained as pastors. He also explains the significance of God's "subaudition mandates" in determining God's will. In other words, by stating what He wants, God makes clear what He does not want. It is a carefully reasoned approach to the subject-well worth the reading for the open-minded.

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Publication Date: May 5th, 2022
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