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Thirteen year old Jenna enlists the help of ex-detective, now PI Virgil Stanhope and down-on-her-luck, has been Emmy winning psychic Serenity Jones to help her find her mother, Alice. A scientist who studied in Botswana and found her life's mission in New England Elephant Sanctuary, Alice abruptly disappeared when Jenna was only three. Picoult uses the elephants mothering and behavioral instincts, their memories of grief, both in wild and captivity to draw parallels to human families. And there id s surprise ending I did not see coming!

— Marla


Irreverent Jewish private investigator Nils Shapiro is just trying to stay warm, get over his divorce, and solve a murder that has no usable evidence. The police department of Edina, Minnesota, is stymied when they discover a murder victim covered in the dirt and dust of empty vacuum cleaner bags. The dirt contains the DNA of thousands of people and has covered the killer's forensic trail.Not knowing where to begin, Edina Police Detective Ellegaard hires an ex-colleague turned PI, Nils Shapiro. While the police follow standard procedure, Nils takes a less direct route and discovers that both the victim and the lead suspect are tied to Minnesota's Somali community--and somehow to the FBI as well. Trying to stay one step ahead of the FBI, Nils and Detective Ellegaard are forced to take their investigation underground, where the case grows as murky as the contents of the vacuum cleaner bags. Only Nils' hard-learned lessons about love and the pain left in its wake give him the clarity to solve the crime.
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ISBN: 9781504768825
ISBN-10: 1504768825
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Publication Date: June 1st, 2017
Language: English