Raising Vegan Kids: Lessons for Littles in Plant-Based Eating and Compassionate Living (Paperback)

Raising Vegan Kids: Lessons for Littles in Plant-Based Eating and Compassionate Living By Eric C. Lindstrom, Tess Challis (Foreword by) Cover Image

Raising Vegan Kids: Lessons for Littles in Plant-Based Eating and Compassionate Living (Paperback)


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The definitive handbook to raising vegan children you’ve always wished you had.
Is bringing up a vegan baby unhealthy? Raising Vegan Kids is the ultimate vegan parenting manifesto that takes on this myth and answers all the other questions you’ve always wondered about—the vegan way. Raising ethically vegan children, in fact, lays the groundwork for a lifetime of excellent health for your child, the animals, and the planet.

Eric C. Lindstrom is in the position to know. Having raised one child on the Standard American Diet (SAD) and four other children on a vegan lifestyle, and being a mid-life vegan convert himself, Lindstrom learned through experience. In this practical and tongue-in-cheek guide, Lindstrom dishes the real talk and shares the unique challenges vegans face when starting their children from scratch, providing advice, tips, and tricks on how to raise compassionate, vegan children in all areas of life. 
  • Get your kids to eat vegetables (when it’s all they eat anyway)
  • Teach your children compassion with visits to sanctuaries instead of zoos
  • Get advice for dealing with nonvegan social situations
  • Plan for birthday parties and holiday events
  • Find tips for travel and road trips with the family
  • Get access to resources, such as an A to Z of vegan recipes, movies, books, and websites
  • And more!

Both informative and hilarious, including expert advice from the world’s leading plant-based physicians and fun recipes for your little vegans, Raising Vegan Kids is the guide every vegan parent who chooses to bring their kids up in a compassionate, sustainable world.
Eric C. Lindstrom is the author of The Skeptical Vegan and the founder of the vegan design and marketing firm ThankTank Creative. Today, he thrives on plant-based foods along with his vegan wife, vegan dog, and two vegan babies in Ithaca, New York.

Tess Challis is an author, vegan chef, and “One Degree" coach. Her five books include Radiant Health, Inner Wealth, The Two-Week Wellness Solution, Radiance 4 Life, 100 Vegan Entrées, and FOOD LOVE. Her passion is helping others live their most delicious lives—one degree at a time. Get yummy recipes and inspiration at www.TessChallis.com.
"A guide to the gift that keeps on giving: veganism, the best survival tool for whatever comes next."
—James Cromwell, actor and activist
"This book addresses nearly every freaky food incident, potentially traumatizing comment, and angst-provoking possibility that could arise in raising vegan kids. Its insights guide parents in the challenging job of nurturing the moral leaders of the next generation, who for now just need to be kids."
—Victoria Moran, author, Main Street Vegan, director, Main Street Vegan Academy

"The challenge of raising plant-based adults in a society asking 'where do you get your protein' is compounded in the raising of plant-based children. Raising Vegan Kids is rich in experience and tips to navigate the waters of parties, schools, holidays, and other potential potholes. I am adding this book to my patient library to help smooth out a bold and healthy family decision."
—Joel Kahn, MD, FACC, author of The Plant-Based Solution

"If you are a vegan parent, then you will love this book! It educates, empowers, and amuses you with funny stories and wise advice. Grab a cup of vegan hot chocolate, sit back, get comfy, and lose yourself in this fun and clever volume."
—Sherry F. Colb, author, Mind If I Order the Cheeseburger

"I highly recommend this book to parents (or those who plan to be parents) at any stage in their plant-based journey. Whether you’ve raised vegan children since conception or are trying to transition your ten-year-old, there is something in this book for you."
Raise Vegan Magazine

"Come for advice on where to take your kids instead of SeaWorld and how to select the plant-based milk that's right for them. Stay for the wisecracks!"
—Michael Dorf, Cornell law professor, vegan author, and father of two vegan teenagers