The Answer: The Peaceful and Rational Solution to Nearly All Our Problems - Prosperity, Addiction, Hunger, Anger, Crime, Hate, Wag (Paperback)

The Answer: The Peaceful and Rational Solution to Nearly All Our Problems - Prosperity, Addiction, Hunger, Anger, Crime, Hate, Wag Cover Image
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While working on a research project, a group of researchers discovered a simple, peaceful and rational answer to the vast majority of all the world's troubles. The only problem, the solution was too good. It was an easy fix to too many issues and so threatened powerful interest groups. After being encouraged to disappear their findings, the group decided it was such an important discovery they had to go public.

The Answer by J.M. Garrett explains how a myriad of different problems are related to a single underlying cause that can easily be fixed. There is a silver bullet solution to nearly all the world's problems. This book is about money and power, but the knowledge conveyed is relevant and accessible to all readers from all genres. There are even optional interactive videos that accompany the book to help keep it all super simple. This is a positive, uplifting and empowering read for anyone who wants a better, brighter tomorrow. All will be impressed with what they learn.

The Answer-the Peaceful and Rational Solution to Nearly All Our Problems: Poverty, Depression, Anxiety, Climate Change, Low Wages, Oil Dependence, Obesity, Toxins, Crime, Traffic, Environment, Energy Crisis, Drug Wars, Race Relations, Corruption, Road Rage, Infant Mortality, Unemployment, Endangered Species, Health Care, Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Education, Pandemic Prevention, Human Rights, Student Debt, Economic Decline, Loneliness, Divorce Rate, Financial Insecurity, Immigration, Disaster Prevention, Affordable Childcare, Inequality, Political Divide, Addiction, Criminal Justice System, Hunger, Too Big to Fail, Debt, Culture War, Gun Violence, Suicide Rate, Moral Failure, Overpopulation, Gender Pay Gap, Crisis of Western Capitalism, Pollution, In-Work Poverty, Opioid Crisis, Electoral Reform, Incarceration Crisis, Globalization, Banks, Ocean Plastic, Disaster Preparedness, Social Security, Pandemic Recovery, Corporate Power, Artificial Intelligence, Hatred, Technological Unemployment, Media Bias, Financial Crisis, Exploitation, Gang Violence, Welfare, Sixth Mass Extinction, Homelessness, Fuel Prices, Modern Slavery, Cyberbullying, Disaster Recovery, Nuclear Warfare, Plight of the Precariat, Doomsday Clock, and much, much more...

Learning made simple: There are optional interactive videos to accompany this book. Visit our website for more information or look for us on social media.

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ISBN: 9781527274952
ISBN-10: 1527274950
Publisher: Spherical 360 Publishing
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2020
Pages: 222
Language: English