The Spirit of Christ in Human Brains and Neurosurgery: Personal Views (Hardcover)

The Spirit of Christ in Human Brains and Neurosurgery: Personal Views By Facs Ghaly Cover Image
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There is no doubt in my mind that the Spirit of God is connected to the human brain within the skull. The human brain is not limited to the boundaries of the skull, instead it goes beyond the physical barriers of our planet and into the spiritual world. My Christian faith, as a Coptic Egyptian Orthodox, was the main reason I chose to be a neurosurgeon. It is in this way how my soul becomes closer to Lord Jesus Christ. I have devoted my life and withstood a very long journey in medicine and neuroscience, leaving my home country of Egypt and coming to America to strive in the difficult fields of neurological surgery, neuroscience, and anesthesiology. Every day my soul learns more and more about my Lord Jesus. I see him in my patients, in my surgeries, and in my surroundings. Deep within the brain lies the Spirit of Christ. As the author, I explore not only the connectivity of the human brain with the Spirit of God but also the Spirit of Christ in my neurosurgery practice. My human brain continues to be both thirsty and hungry for more and more of his eternal love. In this present book of sixty-five chapters, much of my soul I wish to share with you, the beloved reader. A section is designated to my most recent neurosurgery patients testimonials and experiences. Another section reflects upon the biblical words used during President Donald Trumps inauguration and Melanias speech and the presidents visit to the Middle East for peace.
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