Our Dolphin Ancestors: Keepers of Lost Knowledge and Healing Wisdom (Paperback)

Our Dolphin Ancestors: Keepers of Lost Knowledge and Healing Wisdom By Frank Joseph Cover Image
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Reveals the shared ancestry behind our affinity with dolphins and our shared destiny

• Explains how we are both descendants of the aquatic ape and still share many physiological features with dolphins that set us apart from other primates

• Explores dolphins’ communication with other species and how dolphin therapy has miraculous effects on people with autism, cancer, stroke, and depression

• Explores the connections between dolphins and Atlantis and Lemuria

Wild animals avoid contact with humans, but wild dolphins seek us out to play and socialize, even going so far as to voluntarily rescue people from drowning. What explains this remarkable natural affinity?

Revealing the evolutionary basis for our special relationship with dolphins, Frank Joseph explains how we are both descendants of the same ancient branch of human-ity. Building upon the aquatic ape theory, he details how we both began on land but devastating floods forced our distant ancestors into the seas, where humanity developed many of the traits that set us apart from other primates, such as our instinctive diving reflex and our newborns’ ability to swim. But while some of the aquatic apes returned to land, later evolving into modern humans, some remained in the cradle of Mother Ocean and became our dolphin cousins.

Integrating scientific research on dolphin intelligence, communication, and physiology with enduring myths from some of the world’s oldest cultures, such as the Aborigines, Norse, Greeks, and Celts, the author examines our physical commonalities with dolphins, including their vestigial thumbs and legs, birth processes, and body temperature. He explores dolphins’ uncanny ability to diagnose disease such as cancer in humans and how dolphin therapy has had miraculous effects on children with autism, victims of stroke, and those suffering from depression. He provides evidence for dolphins’ different attitudes toward men, women, and children, their natural affinity with cats and dogs, and their telepathic communication with other species, including ours. He explores dolphins’ mysterious role in the birth of early civilization and their connections with the Dog Star, Sirius, and Atlantis and Lemuria--a bond still commemorated by annual gatherings of millions of dolphins.

As Frank Joseph shows, if we can learn to fully communicate with dolphins, accessing their millennia-old oral tradition, we may learn the truth about humanity’s origins and our shared future, when humankind may yet again quit the land for a final return to the sea.

About the Author

Frank Joseph was the editor in chief of Ancient American magazine from 1993-2007. He is the author of several books, including Before Atlantis, Advanced Civilizations of Prehistoric America, The Lost Civilization of Lemuria, and The Lost Treasure of King Juba. He lives in the Upper Mississippi Valley.

Praise For…

“For years we have been hoping that a book on the subject of human/ dolphin kinship would be written by someone with the credentials to treat this special relationship with our aquatic cousins with the seriousness the subject requires. Frank Joseph has produced a masterful treatment of this ancient family bond between dolphin and human that will intrigue, provoke, and satisfy the most exacting critic of the challenging aquatic ape theory that links our species as one.”
— Brad and Sherry Steiger, authors of Real Visitors, Voices from Beyond, and Parallel Dimensions

“A meticulously researched investigation of dolphins, with reference to ancient and modern encounters, that offers an exciting possibility for the future survival of humanity and the planet.”
— David Jones, editor of New Dawn Magazine

“Renowned author Frank Joseph’s newest probe into Earth’s ancient mysteries uncovers a major connection between people and dolphins, something that people close to the sea have often observed in myth and legend. He looks deeply into our common origins and into startling physiological features that we share uniquely. His amazing description of how dolphins can communicate and even heal people demonstrates the interconnectedness and interdependence of life, which humanity is only now beginning to grasp.”
— Von Braschler, author of 7 Secrets of Time Travel

“The amazing Frank Joseph reveals an entirely new link between dolphins and humans and raises questions that, if answered, could resolve some of the most deadly problems on this beleaguered planet and just might save our profoundly troubled species. This book is a truly unforgettable journey.”
— Jeff Rense, syndicated national talk show host

“Mesmerizing as the dolphins themselves! Only Frank Joseph, with his expansive global knowledge of history and true origins, could bring this masterpiece together. It is so well researched that it truly calls for a re-education of the public. I was captivated!”
— Diana Palm, author of Setting Spirits Free

“Joseph explains our biological characteristics that support an early aquatic phase of human development as an ‘aquatic ape.’ The facts are convincing, evolutionary theory is correctly applied, and the implications are fascinating. This thesis deserves media exposure and inclusion in academic curricula.”
— Jay Stuart Wakefield, biologist and archaeological researcher

“Having personally heard Frank Joseph speak on our mysterious connection to dolphins and the aquatic ape theory with revealing slides, I can heartily recommend his new book. The story is pretty compelling.”
— New Dawn, Von Braschler, May 2016

“. . . dolphins have phenomenal telepathic, holographic communication and healing abilities and they interact with many other species. They have assisted autistic children to have more meaningful relationships with people and the world around them, and they have even detected cancers. Dolphins have an oral tradition that humans are only just starting to unravel. Joseph wonders whether in the future we may return to the sea to reunite with our dolphin cousins.”
— Nexus, June 2016
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