A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming: Methods for Working with the Deep Dream State (Paperback)

A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming: Methods for Working with the Deep Dream State By Lee Adams Cover Image
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A step-by-step guide to building lucid dreaming skills and using dreamwork for personal development and transformation

• Provides an extensive inventory of beginning, intermediate, and advanced tools and practices for meaningful lucid dreamwork and shows how dreams can shape our conscious reality if we incorporate them into waking life

• Offers guidance to help you overcome mental or physical obstacles, including ways to stop sleep paralysis

• Examines supplements to aid lucid dreaming practice and increase the vividness and recall of dreams

Dreams offer a gateway into our psyche. Through lucid dreaming--when you have conscious awareness during sleep--you can access and interact with the subconscious mind for greater self-awareness, personal development, and transformation.

In this step-by-step guide to dreamwork, Lee Adams provides tools and techniques for encouraging, remembering, and using lucid dreams for personal growth as well as how to have big dreams that leave a lasting impact. Beginning with an overview of the history of lucid dreaming, he shares tried-and-true foundational practices to get you started--practices for before sleep, during sleep, and after dreaming.

Drawing upon Jungian depth psychology, recent research in neuroscience, and years of personal dream practice, Adams then offers an extensive inventory of intermediate and advanced methods to support meaningful dreamwork, such as the Wake Induced Lucid Dreams technique (WILD), where you fall asleep while conscious and transport your active awareness into a dream state. He also explores dream companions, symbols of the unconscious mind, dream interpretation, and working with the shadow side of the self. He examines how dreams can shape our conscious reality if we incorporate them or their symbols into waking life. He offers guidance to help you overcome any mental or physical obstacles you may encounter, including ways to stop sleep paralysis. He also examines supplements to aid lucid dreaming practice, improve dream recall, and increase the vividness of dreams, such as Alpha-GPC, 5-HTP, Silene undulata, Mugwort, the mushroom Lion’s Mane, and Galantamine.

With this practical guide, you can ignite your mind’s capacity to wake up to your own dreams and restructure your world to be more attuned to your deeper self.

About the Author

Lee Adams has been actively researching, practicing, and teaching lucid dreaming for more than 20 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Pacifica Graduate Institute. He runs the podcast Cosmic Echo as well as the dreamer community taileaters.com. He lives in Port Orchard, Washington.

Praise For…

“When you fall asleep at night, your mind doesn’t just turn off like a light with the flick of a light switch. On the contrary, it enters a different and, at times, highly energetic mode of functioning. Lee Adams has written an excellent guide to exploring the dynamic powers and creative potentials of your own nocturnal brain. This book provides a wealth of detailed information and practical guidance for anyone interested in lucid dreams and the multiplicities of the dreaming imagination. Adams offers what few other writers about lucid dreaming are able to provide: a sensible and humble approach, grounded in empirical research, that encourages people to go beyond the mere attainment of lucidity to explore the deeper realms of the psyche.”
— Kelly Bulkeley, Ph.D., author of An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming

“This is the first book on lucid dreaming that not only covers the science and art of going lucid but also how to work with the deep mythological aspects of lucid dreams. It shows you how to have more lucid dreams and how to navigate them successfully as we consciously wake up to our own mythic lives.”
— Ryan Hurd, dream and sleep researcher and lecturer in holistic studies and psychology at John F. Ken

“Lucid dreaming should no longer be seen as something esoteric, difficult, or available only to those with special talent. Astonishing adventures--hero journeys--are available to all of us on a nightly basis if we choose. A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming is an accessible and entertaining resource with advice on everything from supplements that can help achieve lucidity to interpretive methods for working in and with the dream world.”
— Eric Wargo, author of Precognitive Dreamwork and the Long Self and Time Loops

“This delightfully bold and truly unique guide is a powerful tool for both new and veteran mind explorers, offering ways to learn more about their nighttime adventures and themselves.”
— David Jay Brown, author of Dreaming Wide Awake

"Adams’ writing style is very conversational and entertaining in A Visionary Guide to Lucid Dreaming. He peppers his scientific data with personal examples and information from other authors, as well. He has definitely lived his material and it really shows in the pages of his book. I feel that this book is best for a serious lucid dreaming student. Someone who already has experience keeping a dream journal would really benefit from the techniques and tips Adams shares."
— PJ Spur, Musing Mystical
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