Treasure in a Field: The Fullness of Time (Paperback)

Treasure in a Field: The Fullness of Time By J. Ellis Blaise Cover Image

Treasure in a Field: The Fullness of Time (Paperback)


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Wesley Delaine's deepest desire is for the kingdom of Nantes to return to how his mother described it in his childhood-a land of magic, beauty, and peace. The writings of his great-grandfather, the long-lost King Gaspard, speak to such a time and serve as proof of Wesley's lineage. Bound by secrets in the writings, Wesley and his brothers cannot reveal that they are the true heirs to the throne until the prophesied fullness of time.

Left to interpret the prophecy after their mother's death, the brothers make a pact not to reveal their lineage until all four are of age for the throne. Yet, when the kingdom's walls are breached by pirate trolls, a sorcerer's violent winter storm threatens everyone's safety, and a growing rebellion seeks to turn the Delaine siblings against the king, Wesley faces a risky decision.

Who does he trust to save the kingdom?

Product Details ISBN: 9781645384458
ISBN-10: 1645384454
Publisher: Ten16 Press
Publication Date: March 7th, 2023
Pages: 640
Language: English