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Realm is a tale of shattered paradigms and alternate realities that explores the essence of faith, life, and mortality occurring in parallel worlds with different timelines.

The year is 3039, and the planet Earth is dying. Pollution has corrupted the atmosphere, making life capable only inside bio-domes, where crime runs rampant. Amid this despair and devastation, Rogue, a smuggler and gambler who was orphaned as a child, is struggling to earn enough gold coin to buy his way off Earth for life in an off-world colony.

Raine is a young, optimistic Global Enforcement Agent trying to save the world one person at a time while working for the most corrupt organization on Earth. When Raine specifically targets Rogue's smuggling operation for a takedown, she initiates a dance of pursuit and escape that conceals a deeper attachment neither is willing to admit.

After notorious crime boss Frank Blast tries to kill him, Rogue wakes up in the Realm, a different world that has only been rumored to exist. There, he meets four companions unlike anyone he has ever encountered, whose unique lifestyle of obedience and peace causes him to confront unpleasant truths about his character. Raine, believing Rogue is dead, navigates her way alone on Earth with a plan of vengeance against Frank Blast fueling her actions.

But life in the Realm is not without its obstacles, and Rogue finds himself forced to choose between helping the Realmers save one of their own or returning to Earth to rescue Raine from death at the hands of Frank Blast.

About the Author

HL Gibson, a native Ohioan, is a lifelong lover of books and storytelling. She credits her mother for instilling her passion for reading, which led her to cultivate a vivid imagination as a writer and inspired her to finally put her stories on the page. As a member of the Beth Tikkun Messianic Fellowship, her faith plays a significant role in crafting her fiction. HL Gibson has a vast and growing personal library, loves tea and classical music, and is a self-proclaimed bourbon snob. She is married with one son and five high-maintenance cats.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781667886367
ISBN-10: 1667886363
Publisher: Bezalel Media
Publication Date: April 7th, 2023
Pages: 346
Language: English