Cardiac Gap (Hardcover)

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The United States in the late 2020s enters a death spiral. Economic crisis spreads in a way not seen for ninety years. The jobless line the streets. An impoverished government cuts military forces and overseas presence to the bone. The Russians smell weakness and make a bold move for Middle East oil.

Against this backdrop, Cardiac Gap follows the struggle of former Special Forces operator Mark Elliot. When Silicon Valley billionaire Courtney Simons pushes a mercenary solution to the Russian challenge, senior military officers implore Mark to join that effort in hopes of guiding a good outcome. Along the way, Mark discovers dark forces at play. He feels trapped and powerless. But when Mark learns the full details of a devastating plot, he has no choice but to risk it all and join one last, desperate fight to save his country.

Woven into this fast paced story, Cardiac Gap asks: What does it mean to stand together as citizens? Will we rally as a country when it matters most?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781732994447
ISBN-10: 1732994447
Publisher: Moreton LLC
Publication Date: May 8th, 2019
Pages: 228
Language: English