The Patterns of Existence (Paperback)

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These times were destined to be left to the past as fossilized gems in my memory. The only way to return to them is a story, and because of their oddity, I cannot refuse chronicling them. Nothing will be able to fully capture the feeling of these times, but the next best option is walking through them as an original experiencer instead of a guide. With each story comes a new circle of experience, indispensably linked to the zeniths and troughs of those that follow.

So plunge in to unveil the patterns within these stories of psychedelic voyage, fear, absurdity, and the divine. Laced with philosophy and swift progression, years of realization are condensed into moments. The full meaning remains an enigma, as I still wonder what it was all about, but now I humbly invite you to walk through with me.

Christian Meteor is a self published indie author with his first work available: The Patterns of Existence. This non-fiction book includes a collection of personal short stories woven with philosophy.

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ISBN: 9781736966303
ISBN-10: 1736966308
Publisher: Christian Meteor
Publication Date: April 7th, 2021
Pages: 260
Language: English