100 Essential Funk Grooves for Guitar: Master the Styles of the Funk Guitar Legends - From Jimmy Nolen to Cory Wong (Paperback)

100 Essential Funk Grooves for Guitar: Master the Styles of the Funk Guitar Legends - From Jimmy Nolen to Cory Wong By Steve Allworth, Joseph Alexander, Tim Pettingale (Editor) Cover Image
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Ready To Get Funked Up?

Nothing teaches more about playing "in the pocket" grooves than Funk guitar And 100 Essential Funk Grooves for Guitar teaches you to play in the style of the Funk legends... from Jimmy Nolen (James Brown) to Nile Rodgers through to Cory Wong and Adam Smirnoff.

But don't mistake this book for a collection of simple player pastiches, it's way more than that It's a deep dive into each player's approach, ideas and techniques.

A Journey Through the Timeline of Funk Guitar

Learning how the great Funk players built their parts will quickly improve your rhythm guitar palette and help you compose your own cutting-edge parts.

You'll nail the grooves of:

- James Brown-era Funk - Jimmy Nolen, Catfish Collins, Cheese Martin

- Swamp Funk - the New Orleans connection of Leo Nocentelli

- 1970s RnB Funk - Leroy Bonner, Tony Maiden, Steve Cropper, Hamish Stuart/Onnie McIntyre, Bruce Conte

- Funk Soul - Curtis Mayfield/Skip Pitts, Sly/Freddie Stone, Wah Wah Watson, Ernie Isley

- Disco Funk - Nile Rodgers, Claydes Charles Smith, Al MacKay

- Funk Rock - P-Funk, John Frusciante, Nuno Bettencourt

- Modern Funk - Adam Smirnoff/Eric Krasno, Mark Lettieri, Cory Wong

The Recipe for Perfect Funk Guitar

We all know a great funky guitar hook when we hear it, but what makes it so compelling?

In this book, seasoned session player and BIMM tutor Steve Allsworth reveals the secret Funk sauce and teaches you the essential skills that create hypnotic guitar grooves:

  • Learn the chicken scratch technique of Jimmy Nolen
  • Discover stripped-down chord fragments for authentic tone
  • Master the art of funky syncopation with left/right hand muting techniques
  • Learn how to create guitar parts that always sit in the pocket
  • Master the Afro-Cuban grooves that underpin all Funk
  • Discover Mark Lettieri's dextrous Gospel chord chops
  • -Nail Cory Wong's chromatic 3rds, palm-muting and thumbed double-stops

Become the Ultimate Rhythm Guitarist

100 Essential Funk Grooves for Guitar also shows you how each player achieves their distinctive sound and gives a rundown of their guitars, amps and effects. When you're ready to gig, you'll sound totally authentic.

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