Beyond Words and Thoughts (Paperback)

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Beyond Words and Thoughts (Paperback)


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Beyond Words and Thoughts is based on classes that Joel Goldsmith gave after he had received the call from within to lift students out of the metaphysical level of consciousness into the mystical. In the book, he explains that in the metaphysical state of awareness, we use the mind to demonstrate health, wealth, and other material things, or try to use God to overcome evil. But when we attain the mystical consciousness, he says, we relax in the Presence of an inner Grace and let It function. We live without words or thoughts, above material law.

Beyond Words and Thoughts sets forth the way that leads to this transition to the mystical consciousness. It shows the seeker how to leave the maze and confusion of words and thoughts and enter into the mystical Silence from which all that is proceeds. In that stillness and Silence, we can hear "the still small voice" and discover the deepest secrets of life. There the earth of problems melts, and the light of Spirit dawns. This is a book for those who want that one great Experience, which externalizes as a fulfilled life.

Note: Beyond Words and Thoughts is the collection of the 1965 Infinite Way Letters.]

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