The 'America First' Endgame: US Financial Warfare, the Coming Global Reset & the Making of Europe (Paperback)

The 'America First' Endgame: US Financial Warfare, the Coming Global Reset & the Making of Europe Cover Image
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The 'America First' Endgame argues that we are currently witnessing the 'endgame' of the international system established by the USA in the immediate post-WWII period. It is against this background that the US has enacted a new monetary, fiscal, trade and foreign policy mix, 'America First', which amounts to a coherent and comprehensive financial war primarily directed against China, but also other economic competitors, in a last ditch attempt to position the USA for what comes next.

The book explains the aims and rationale behind current US policies, places them into the broader context of a longstanding US grand strategy, and shows why they will soon trigger the next global financial crisis, which in turn will usher into a comprehensive global debt and currency reset, and a much more regionalised world political, economic and monetary system. While current developments bear significant risks for the European Union and its member states, they also present a unique historic opportunity for Europe to remake itself, and emerge as a clear winner in the new world that is fast emerging.

Some of the key issues and questions that The 'America First' Endgame examines include:

  • What aims the US is pursuing with regard to China, and how likely it is to succeed in its efforts;
  • How the US has been using recurring cycles of credit easing and tightening as a financial warfare tool;
  • The crucial importance of the impending Chinese current account deficit;
  • Will current US policies once again preserve the US Dollar's global dominance, or speed up its demise;
  • Why quantitative easing will make a final comeback globally before the unravelling of the current system;
  • What the Eurozone can learn from how the UK, Japan and the US dealt with their respective banking crises in 1914, 1945 and 2008 respectively;
  • Why the next global financial crisis is just around the corner.
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ISBN: 9781907144127
ISBN-10: 1907144129
Publisher: Christian Luenen
Publication Date: July 23rd, 2019
Pages: 400
Language: English