Brexit. The Tip of The Populist Iceberg?: Volume 1. Populism in Europe (Paperback)

Brexit. The Tip of The Populist Iceberg?: Volume 1. Populism in Europe By J. N. Paquet Cover Image
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A practical book providing valuable reporting and facts on populism in politics during a divisive time in the world. The author takes a close look at the dynamics that exist between populism and the society in general.

From Farage in Britain to Podemos in Spain, Syriza in Greece, Sarkozy, Orb n, Hofer or Duda, the book takes us on a journey to understand how populist characters have successfully challenged established elites, mainstream parties and experts in recent years and forever redefined politics from a Left-Right two-party system with shared democratic values to a split multi-party system with deeply rooted nationalistic and revolutionary principles.

The old Left-Right, Socialist-Conservative, Labour-Tories, Democrats-Republicans divisions have now given place to new divides: Brexiteers-Remoaners, Trump-Sanders, Racists/Bigoted-World Citizens, Populists-Unifiers.

The series will try to answer the question of the future of populism. Will it keep rising or eventually come to a halt? What comes after populism?

The series "The Tip of The Populist Iceberg?" in 4 volumes:
Volume 1. Populism in Europe.
Volume 2. Populism in The Americas.
Volume 3. Populism in The World.
Volume 4. Populism in Britain.

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ISBN: 9781911435020
ISBN-10: 1911435027
Publisher: Jnpaquet Books Ltd
Publication Date: November 19th, 2016
Pages: 150
Language: English
Series: Tip of the Populist Iceberg?