The Sharp Sickle: Text Book of Eschatology (Paperback)

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Ten years ago I placed "The Sickle" before the thinkers in a very careful and methodical manner; and for the past five years I have waited patiently (Did I say patiently? Well, sometimes rather impatiently), for the thought of the advanced thinkers to unfold so that I could put this book before them with the assurance that they were ready for the "last things," the actual science of actuality; and not merely a science of physical harmony. This book is not for general distribution at this time (1925), for the general public has not yet awakened to where they can appreciate the facts stated here. They, like those who have entered this work before them, will need to take the necessary preliminary steps; and through study of my lesser writings, or through being taught the lesser things by my teachers, unfold their thought to a state where this work can be assimilated, understood and demonstrated. The price I ask for this work does not interest the public at all, for it will not be sold to the public at this time; and those to whom it will be sold, will gladly give twice the price I ask for it. If there be some who would gladly pay the price but have it not, this is positive proof that they have not applied the primary lessons sufficiently; and consequently, are not ready for this work. I would advise such as these to spend their time on "The Sickle," until their thought regarding supply has been mastered and the necessary supply is bountifully forthcoming. In the science of Eschatology, fruitage is a sure sign of actual understanding. When Jesus told the multitude that henceforth they would need to work out their own salvation, that the free bread line was abolished, many turned their back on his leadership. Noting this, the Master Mind turned to his disciples and asked, "Will ye not also go away?" Then Simon Peter answered him saying, "Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life." Simon Peter had some understanding of the actual; those who turned back had not. The same holds true to this day; and this should explain the actions of those who leave this science and go hither and thither seeking an easier way. This book, as well as the predecessor, The Sickle, have more or less been artificially suppressed for nearly 100 years. Now is the time for these volumes to be made available to the general public and those seeking the truth. As Walter states in the preface of The Sickle, these books are not for the trifler or those on a casual search. The journey is well worth the effort and the time is right with the expanding of human consciousness worldwide to re introduce these volumes into the collective consciousness. Enjoy the Journey Barry J Peterson, CEO, Audio Enlightenment.
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