The Golden Age of Beer: A Year of Styles, Stories, and Trivia (Hardcover)

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The Golden Age of Beer: A Year of Styles, Stories, and Trivia By Tom Acitelli Cover Image

The Golden Age of Beer: A Year of Styles, Stories, and Trivia (Hardcover)


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A stunning beer lover's companion from today's leading beer expert, Tom Acitelli, distills what you need to know to select the ideal beer for every week of the year, and reveals how to drink, entertain, and enjoy like a pro.

​All hail the golden age of beer Today there are nearly nine thousand breweries in the US alone, brewing an enormous range of styles from Russian imperial stouts to triple India pale ales, golden pilsners, briny melon goses, and much more. But while this breadth can delight the tastebuds all year, how does one best choose what to drink without feeling overwhelmed or going for the same default brews again and again?

In this uniquely timely and high-end volume, acclaimed beer expert Tom Acitelli presents a fifty-two week guide to choosing the perfect beer to complement every week of the year. With tasting notes, specific brew recommendations, a guide to how to best serve, sip, and savor (naming glassware, temperatures, and pairings), plus fascinating backstories and trivia, Tom distills what beer lovers actually care about and reveals how to appreciate the best that the golden age of beer has to offer.

The Golden Age of Beer embraces Tom's inviting, accessible voice and is complemented by photographs throughout of beers, breweries, brewers, and more. Additional insider info dives into home brewing, beer icons, today's industry game-changers, and more. So go ahead and ditch that old, out-of-date beer textbook; instead add class to your beer game by drinking and entertaining all year long with this lush, inspiring, and reliable guide that focuses on your enjoyment and what you actually care about.

Tom Acitelli is a journalist and author widely regarded as an expert on beer and the beer industry. He has written extensively about beer for outlets including the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Eater, and been interviewed on the subject by NPR, BBC Radio 4, and Fox News. For five years, Tom was the history columnist for the trade magazine All About Beer, and he has also been a guest speaker or moderator at several brewery events and festivals, including the Great American Beer Festival, the world's largest beer tasting, and consulted on the permanent brewing exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Tom's prior books include The Audacity of Hops, American Wine, which was a finalist for the James Beard Award for best food and drink book of the year, Whiskey Business, and Pilsner, which the North American Guild of Beer Writers voted the best book of 2020. He lives in Watertown, MA.
Product Details ISBN: 9781954641266
ISBN-10: 1954641265
Publisher: Apollo Publishers
Publication Date: January 14th, 2025
Pages: 256
Language: English