The Fractional CMO Method: Attract, Convert and Serve High-Paying Clients On Your Terms (Hardcover)

The Fractional CMO Method: Attract, Convert and Serve High-Paying Clients On Your Terms By Casey Stanton Cover Image
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Casey Stanton wrote in the Introduction of his new ebook, The Fractional CMO: Attract, Convert and Serve High-Paying Clients on Your Terms: "This book is your roadmap for building a Fractional CMO practice that can generate $500,000 a year or more. That's a half-a-million dollars a year with you working less than 40 hours a week, from anywhere in the world."That "half-a-million dollars a year" figure is what Stanton achieved after he upped his game and figured out the solutions (passed along in his book) to the mistakes he had made as a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer). Comments about this book from readers: "Casey's book is a game changer for marketing professionals wanting to make more money in less time." "Turns short-term clients into long lasting relationships built on a foundation of value." "Casey's Fractional CMO Method is simple, smart, and a complete win-win for both you (the Fractional CMO) and your future clients. I can't recommend this book (and Casey's teachings) enough if you're looking for a smart way to work with your future clients." Stanton points out that, if you're an agency owner, marketing director, freelancer, marketing consultant, in-house marketer, or even a VP of marketing, you can follow the steps he lays out and start winning clients that each pay $3,000 to $15,000 a month or more on a recurring basis.

About the Author

A few years after graduating Michigan State University (2008), Casey Stanton became the founder and CEO of CMO Exponential (CMOx), which is a Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) company and consulting firm that provides marketing strategy services to businesses doing $5-20M per year. In addition to managing clients, Casey now coaches a limited number of marketers in becoming a Fractional CMO. Casey had worked on numerous exciting projects that included New York Times Bestseller book launches, partnerships with the NBA, and more. Casey had moonlighted at Tulane University AB Freeman School of Business as an adjunct Professor of Marketing. In his first year of developing Fractional CMO, Casey earned twice what he did at the agency he worked at, before! Stanton moved to Philadelphia, PA, and CMOx continued to grow. Leaning on his experience in an agency setting, teaching at Tulane and now having his own clients, Casey developed as a way to predictably serve clients to maximum effect, called the Functional Marketing(R) Framework, which allows a Fractional CMO to take clients through a systematized and predictable process that provides a way for businesses to get more out of their marketing. Because many marketers are entrepreneurs and want their own business, Casey created the CMOx Accelerator, a program that takes marketing managers, consultant, directors, and/or CMOs, and shows them the process to becoming a very successful Fractional CMO. Alongside client work, Casey now trains marketers to be a successful Fractional CMO by mentoring them to master how to Attract, Convert, and Serve clients.
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ISBN: 9781954759718
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Publisher: Cranberry Press, LLC
Publication Date: August 15th, 2022
Pages: 162
Language: English