Speaking of Architecture: Interviews about What Comes Next, with Mark Foster Gage (Paperback)

Speaking of Architecture: Interviews about What Comes Next, with Mark Foster Gage By Mark Foster Gage Cover Image
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What ideas are currently energizing your architectural work and explorations? Why did these ideas become impactful while others did not? What role did mentors and peers play in the development of these ideas? What were your breakthrough insights or aha moments? What is next for you, and for the discipline and discourse of architecture?

For this book, Mark Foster Gage has selected eleven of the most noteworthy and fascinating conversations from his year-long project of documenting the ideas of the next generation of designers who are revolutionizing the nature of architectural practice and theory today. This remarkable collection of casual, informative, and personal interviews engages fifteen architects as they reveal what made them who they are, what propels their architectural work forward, and what they anticipate comes next.

A noted practitioner, tenured Yale professor, CNN design contributor, and respected insider of the international architectural scene, Mark Foster Gage has spent his professional life with many of the most important figures in architectural discourse and practice. With this book he focuses on an emerging generation of practitioners- approaching his subjects with a characteristic mix of insight, wit, and humor in a book that is consistently entertaining and informative as the architects open up in unexpected ways about their beliefs, work, lives and thoughts about where architecture, and they, are headed next.

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ISBN: 9781957183183
ISBN-10: 1957183187
Publisher: Oro Editions
Publication Date: December 12th, 2023
Pages: 244
Language: English