Empath: 4in1 The Complete Empath Survival and Thrive Guide (Paperback)

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Free yourself from the burden of emotional overload today This book will take you by the hand from, self healing existing damages all the way to rebuilding your life with enriching relationships. Empaths are a gift to the world. I have said it many times and I will continue to say it as long as I am breathing. Empaths have this immense potential to provide the love, balance and care humanity is desperately lacking today, but they can't do this without first understanding and learning how to control their gift. This 4 in 1 Guide aims to provide the building blocks for any type of Empath to first recognise the damage that has been left untreated and the potential damage that is currently happening in their life. I will go through the steps to self-heal and begin your journey of becoming a trained Empath. The second part of the guide will focus on building your life after healing with the right relationship dynamics for long term balance and emotional health. I will go through the various types of individuals as well as relationships an Empath may encounter. Some of the things you will learn from this guide: - The most important aspects in life an Empath need to be aware of - Learn how to be in tuned with your gift - How to deal with energy vampires - Learn how to identify the different types of energy vampires in life - Learn methods to recharge your energy and heal yourself - Healing methods and simple steps towards a healthier Empath life - - How to identify toxic individuals - Indicators to identify a toxic relationship - Simple exercises to check relationships in your life - Simple exercises to manage and organize the relationships in life - The different types and kinds of toxic people in the world - and so much more inside that will bring you one step closer to happiness - and a lot more.
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ISBN: 9781978092297
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Publication Date: October 9th, 2017
Pages: 296
Language: English