Israeli Business Culture: Expanded 2nd Edition of the Amazon Bestseller: Building Effective Business Relationships with Israelis (Paperback)

Israeli Business Culture: Expanded 2nd Edition of the Amazon Bestseller: Building Effective Business Relationships with Israelis By Osnat Lautman Cover Image
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Read Israeli Business Culture before interacting with new contacts, and return to it whenever necessary for added processing of your cross-cultural experiences.Author Osnat Lautman uses the word ISRAELI(TM) as an acronym to depict the general profile of Israel's business culture: I InformalS StraightforwardR Risk-TakingA AmbitiousE EntrepreneurialL LoudI ImprovisationalIn this revised and expanded second edition: Non-Israelis will learn about the origins of the Israeli culture, its main characteristics and how to bridge the gap when working with Israelis. Israelis will gain more awareness of how they are perceived by their colleagues, supervisors and subordinates around the globe. Both Israelis and non-Israelis will acquire tools to enhance communication, which is the cornerstone of profitable business in our diverse global economy.

About the Author

-M.A. in Social Science and Communications, Bar Ilan University, Israel -Certificate in Organizational Development, New York University, New York Osnat Lautman is a well-known Israeli organizational consultant and the founder of OLM Consulting. She created the ISRAELI(TM) model of Israeli business characteristics and is an accomplished researcher, author and lecturer. She leads custom-built workshops for a wide variety of Israeli and international clients. Osnat has extensive global experience in advising CEOs, VPs and employees in multinational organizations. Her customers include: Manufacturers' Association of Israel, Jewish Agency, Verint, NYU Tel Aviv, FIDF, Israel Defense Ministry delegation in New York, JCC Association, NAB, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 888 Holdings, Corning, SkyVision, ObserveIT, MX1, Rackspace, Israel Export Institute, StartApp, Tel Aviv Municipality, and many others. Osnat lived in Hoboken, New Jersey, from 2009 to 2013. During this time, she started her extensive research on the differences between Israeli and non-Israeli business cultures, including video interviews with businesspeople from numerous origins. The recorded discussions are incorporated into her lectures and workshops for demonstration purposes. You may contact Osnat at
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Publication Date: August 10th, 2018
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