Korea Travel Bucket List - A Local's Guide to Over 150 Things You Must Do in Seoul! (Paperback)

Korea Travel Bucket List - A Local's Guide to Over 150 Things You Must Do in Seoul! By Fandom Media Cover Image

Korea Travel Bucket List - A Local's Guide to Over 150 Things You Must Do in Seoul! (Paperback)


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Don't go to Korea without this book

Trust us, Seoul's vibrant exterior is just the tip of the iceberg, but don't worry - we're not your typical travel guide stopping at just telling you where to go; we're your Seoul-savvy companions, revealing the city's most epic secrets as we handpick more than 150 must-do activities and challenges from over 80 spots that will not only fill your itinerary but also immerse you in Seoul's heartbeat like a local would

Let's talk Hangang Riverside - We'll teach you how to turn picnics into unforgettable riverside fiestas, capturing epic shots at the river's most Instagrammable spots, and diving into the addictive combo of Chimaek (Korean Fried Chicken and ice-cold beer). Slurp some instant ramyun from an automated machine and enjoy the summer night market. How about a private party on water in a Tubester? Let's not forget the futuristic Floating Island, spotlighted as a villain's HQ in a Super Hero flick

Visit Seoul's royal palaces in a whole new light. Snap an epic photo with King Sejong the Great Hold onto your hat, because there's an underground museum hidden beneath the statue not well known even to the locals Make sure to purify your soul before entering the palace by doing THIS. Rent a hanbok (we'll teach you how) to feel what it must have been like to be Korean royalty and get free admission with that And the Royal Guard Changing Ceremony? We'll teach you where and when to witness this majestic display. And the latest addition - visit Cheong Wa Dae, the former residence of South Korean presidents We'll tell you exactly how to make it happen.

Gangnam Style isn't just a catchy song - it's a lifestyle. We'll help you uncover the trendiest area in Seoul and its treasure trove of attractions, from where to go for ultimate luxury shopping to youngsters' and hipsters' hangout spots.

Museums? They don't have to be boring Witness Korea's stunning comeback post-Korean War. You will be surprised to see THIS in real life And don't worry about the kiddos - we've got the ultimate strategy to keep them engaged and entertained.

Are you a K-Pop fanatic? We will help you make a pilgrimage to the Big 4 entertainment companies' HQs, cozy cafes dripping with artist-inspired charm, and merchandise wonderlands stocked with albums, posters, and more. Ready to meet virtual K-Pop stars? We've got your golden coordinates right here Catch all 17 Gangnaom Dolls dedicated to the K-Pop stars

Ever wondered what it's like to live like a monk? Our insider tips will get you there. Get ready to be swept away by the Lantern Parade, immerse yourself in ancient traditions at Jongmyo Royal Shrine. We also have an idea to help Catholics and Muslims visiting Seoul to have a worship opportunity.

Shopping for souvenirs for friends back home? We'll help you navigate around a cultural hub where shopping goes hand in hand with experiencing traditional crafts and artworks with a modern spin Ever tried your hand at kimchi-making? You can even bring it back home Check out THIS flea market to find a hidden gem Don't spend all your money just yet because you have to try the mouth-watering Korean street foods.

Learn how to "lock up" your love at Namsan Seoul Tower, and to create unforgettable moments at Lotte World, in a Korean school uniform Enjoy jjimjilbang saunas, from making quirky "sheep head towel hats" to indulging in silky-smooth skin with body scrubs. Learn how to enjoy Itaewon, the most exotic place in Seoul. If you want to learn about your future, visit a saju reader, who will interpret your destiny based on your birth date, time and name.

This book is your passport to experiencing Seoul like a true insider - your key to unlocking an unforgettable journey

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Publication Date: August 31st, 2023
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