Semiconductor IC process and anti-fake market (Paperback)

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The anti-counterfeiting market is a huge and incredible growing demanding bazaar in 2023 has about 182.2 billion US dollars, and the compound annual growth rate is about 11.5% (CAGR). The anti-counterfeiting market can be roughly divided into several types of products as follows.(1) Laser holography: Rainbow holography is now widely used in fields such as credit card security and product packaging.(2) RFID: Radio Frequency Identification (abbreviation: RFID) is a wireless communication technology that can identify specific targets and read and write related data through radio signals without the need to establish a machine or a system between the identification system and the specific target optical contact.(3) 3D relief: bend or deflect the curve reasonably, thereby protruding the specific contour of the line. The relief effect can be seen in many applications, such as the relief shading on bank passbooks, various national certificates, and Peugeot reliefs of various company trademarks.(4) Taggant: It is used to identify the authenticity due to the difference in ingredients, contents or proportions. Auto parts are often used to prevent forgery.(5) Color-changing ink: And so on with other different technologies.Semiconductor market value of 2018 was around 468.8 billion US dollars. It is increased for about 13.7% than year 2017. For 2019, it is estimated decrease about 10% to 13% which is 422 to 408 billion US dollars.
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