Twin Flame Ascension: A Simple Guide To Spiritual Transcendence (Paperback)

Twin Flame Ascension: A Simple Guide To Spiritual Transcendence By Silvia Moon Cover Image
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When you ascend higher as a Twin Flame, love enters you where fear used to be. You improve your physical reality. Enlightenment also boosts your inner sense of well-being. Twin Flame ascension also involves Transcendence: It is the process of rising beyond the limits of possible experiences. It is the highest holistic level of human consciousness. When you Spiritually ascend, you have deeper knowledge about yourself and the world around you.

Twin Flame Ascension is also the process of Spiritual Evolution. You become part of the Universal Consciousness. You also exist as the shared energy of oneness beyond your original mortal form. Ascension is also governed by the divine nature and power which is fully independent of the material Universe beyond all physical laws. You have a paradigm shift. You experience an altered state of consciousness. You are less concerned with material things. You can perceive reality with greater objectivity.

Ascension is also Sacred. It affects your self-perception, feelings, and goals. You also grow an inner strength to transcend your challenges.It is a process of expanding your boundaries. You consider yourself an integral part of the Universe. You rise above the needs of the ego. It is the recognition of the belief that there is something greater than yourself. You also acknowledge that there is something more to being human than just sensory experiences - the purification of your consciousness to sharpen your awareness. It is the process of embodying more love and light in your being. To reach the state of inner harmony and balance, you have to clear past pain, emotional baggage, and karmic blockages. You have to feel balanced from within. You Surrender and trust the divine. Your belief in the divine is tested. You drop all your old belief systems and limitations.

For you to reach high levels of understanding - For you to reach ultimate transcendence, you must die to your old self. You transform and evolve. You are renewed through love. When you Surrender, you can hold higher frequencies of light and love. You have a boost in your energetic vibrations. You are a multi-dimensional being. You are a spiritual being living a human experience. You feel a boost in the shared energy of oneness. The psychic abilities also improve your telepathic communication with your Twin Flame.

I wish you a happy Transcendence. Stay Blessed
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ISBN: 9798700934503
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Publication Date: January 27th, 2021
Pages: 104
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