The Drazine Chronicles: Departure (Paperback)

The Drazine Chronicles: Departure By Mark Cook Cover Image

The Drazine Chronicles: Departure (Paperback)


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Imagine salvation, good, and evil on a universal scale.

Zhuni is the only human on the planet. He is a medic at an intergalactic fighting arena. His best friend is nine feet tall, has four arms, and is covered in blue fur. His father figure is a seven-foot-tall lizard that dresses sharply. They all work for the Game Master, who is an evil creature that wants to control the galaxy and uses a Drazine to project Her power. Zhuni, his friends, and his coworkers devise a plan to escape and save themselves and the Drazine. But at what cost?

Will they escape the evil, and will they find a new faith in doing so?

Product Details ISBN: 9798887384139
Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing
Publication Date: March 6th, 2023
Pages: 424
Language: English