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Greed Gone Good: A Roadmap to Creating Social and Financial Value brings the how-tos of impact finance to a broad- based audience of investors, from the individual to the institutional. Written in an engaging, jargon-free style and loaded with practical advice, it explores the pitfalls and potential of the burgeoning impact revolution—the increasingly widespread belief that business and financial leaders should weigh social value as well as financial value in all of their decisions, to create both a better business model and a better world.

Cheerleaders have written a number of books advocating the magic of impact finance. Greed Gone Good hopes for the magic too, but also believes that an uncritical eye does not effectively advance the cause. We now have 10 years of impact investing history to examine, and not all of it is laudable. We could hold hands and sing Kumbaya in praise of impact finance; or we could employ constructive criticism to figure out what’s gone well and what hasn’t, and how we should move forward more productively. Greed Gone Good focuses on the roadmap—how to reorient and repackage finance and investing in order to deliver on this promise. In particular, it focuses on how to realize the potential of the impact revolution to become a silver bullet against future failures. Green Gone Good will have widespread appeal to investors ranging from individuals and family offices to the world’s largest asset managers and investors.

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ISBN-13: 9781000407211
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: September 6th, 2021