Prisoners of Geography (Kobo eBook)

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This richly illustrated, oversize edition of the million-plus-copy international bestseller Prisoners of Geography explains how the land we live on shapes life as we know it

How did the US become a superpower? Why do people go to war? And why are some countries wealthy while others are not? History is a story—and it’s impossible to tell the whole tale without understanding the setting. Acclaimed author Tim Marshall made a powerful case for this new way of looking at the past (and present) in Prisoners of Geography. Now, a young readers edition brings his insights to life for a whole new audience!

Uncover the secret drivers of politics, commerce, and international relations in this around-the-world tour—from how mountains, rivers, and seas compel the choices of world leaders to why they cause history to repeat itself. With 12 appealing maps that capture every continent and region, plus hundreds of illustrations that illuminate how our surroundings shape us, this remarkable introduction to world affairs will inspire curious minds of all ages!