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Editor's Corner (September)

By: Amy Reynolds

Happy Anniversary to Us! It was 25 years ago that Horizon Books closed one store and opened in this location across the street. It was actually in May of 1993, but we've been busy day to day and with the flurry of summer that we're just getting around to acknowledging it. Fred Nelson has been nudging us to do a party but we sill haven't set a date for that, so maybe it will be a 26 year anniversary. Some of you still have the old "I Helped Move Horizon Books - May 1993" mug, and cherish it, right? We handed out over a hundred that day to the community volunteers that turned out to help. Some of you remember seeing that baby in a backpack while mom and dad shuffled books. That baby is now 25! While we are pretty much the same Horizon, we've seen some changes in the last 25 years. The Borders Books chain has disappeared, Amazon entered the scene and the internet is much more than just a twinkle in someone's eye. What makes Horizon the same? Our attention to our customers, great selection (much of it in response to your requests), the smile at the check out counter, long hours (all year), our book knowledge and our love of books. Moving the whole store in a day took a village. Keeping it thriving does, too. Thank you!

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