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Editor's Corner (November)

By: Amy Reynolds

The winner of the inaugural PBS Great American Read ( will have been announced by the time you read this letter. Readers across the country have been voting on their favorite books since May from an initial list of 100 titles. How does a book become a favorite? It has to be outstanding to you, bu that may be for a variety of reasons. From the published alphabetical list in the top ten in the nation, Charlotte's Web was one of my son's favorite read-alouds. Gone with the Wind was my Mother's favorite when I asked the question as a teenager, and I devoured it as well. I enjoyed Harry Potter as an adult, but envy those who had the pleasure of discovering that magical world as a child. Why did I read Little Women on my honeymoon in Hawaii? I have no idea but will never forget the experience. I wasn't assigned To Kill a Mockingbird in school so my friend and I challenged each other to read it in one year. An outstanding book becomes a part of us and the context of that reading and experience wraps itself into the entire sweetness of memory.

Sharing those great books is so rewarding. Give some thought to what your favorite book is and consider gifting it at Christmas this year. You may have a part in someone else's Great American Read.