Editor's Corner (July)

By: Amy Reynolds

I love this photography book, Strong is the New Pretty. The girls remind me of the nieces I have that love tutus and soccer balls equally. Fitness and good health is embraced as a path to success and happiness. part of everyday life. When I was young we called it "play", but this is more deliberate. Habits are being established to last a lifetime.

Northern Michigan is a mecca for outdoor sports, summer and winter. Downtown Traverse City will be hosting the start and finish of the first Ironman 70.3 half triathlon on Sunday, August 25. We'll be welcoming the participants, their friends and families before that with registration on Friday. Saturday is the IRONKIDS Fun Run Race. I expect to see lots of little girls and boys competing and loving it!

I don't have family participating this year, but maybe next year. I would be the biggest cheerleader and happy to get them primed with To Kale and Back by Diana Matuszak, fitness books, journals to track their training and even delicious high protein salads from our Shine Cafe.