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Editor's Corner (October)

By: Amy Reynolds

Do you want to talk scary? How about Reading The Telltale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe. when you're only twelve years old, the children you're babysitting are sleeping and the parents won't be home until after midnight? Now that's an introduction to Poe one isn't likely to forget. I know I never did.

I couldn't seem to get enough of the scary, spooky, goosebump  creating stories at that age. Vampires? Oh, yes! Ghosts too, please. I loved the thrill and the chill. Now that I'm older, way older, I love a good mystery, but horror? That's someone else's love, not mine, but I do have a recommendation for you.

If you are looking for an appropriate scary story to enhance the mood of October and its most famous holiday, try reading Joe Hill. Hill, the son of Stephen King, is a widely admired, award winning horror author himself and will be at the Cit Opera House to tell his own tale on Wednesday, October 10th. His newest book Is Strange Weather: Four Novellas. Be prepared for the evening by reading some of his earlier books or even some of his father's. It may even be a dark and stormy night.

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