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Editor's Corner (January/February)

By: Amy Reynolds

At Horizon we value our customers but we couldn't serve you without the strong relationships we maintain with our vendors. Those connections helped us to keep Michelle Obama's Becoming in stock during the month of December, at peak demand, and autographed copies of American or Michigan Chillers to pick up in the bookstore or order on our website.

The work of naturalist artist Carl Freeman of Arcadia has been at our checkout for over forty years. It started with black and white wildlife and nature bookmarks that later expanded to color bookmarks and beautiful oversized postcards. I remember how delighted I was when I saw a selection of his bookmarks for sale in the gift shop at Big Bend National Park, so far from Arcadia and Northern Michigan. "Hey, I know that Artist!"

With their usual kindness, Carl and Ginny called us to announce their retirement and offer us a last chance to stock up for our customers. We have enough to last a while, but we'll be looking for something as beautiful and popular as Carl's art and that relationship that translates to success for everyone. All the best Freeman!


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