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Author Signing: Linda Rockwell Dalman, ABANDONED DAUGHTER

The Marshall and Potter families had been feuding for generations. Though the original reason had been lost over the years, they found new reasons to keep the fire of hate burning.

The elder Marshalls were devout Christians. They did their best to live Godly lives; yet they struggled daily with the hostility caused by generations of hate. They were examples that though Christians, people still fail.

The Potter family considered the Marshalls pious hypocrites. They were proud of the fact that they were not bound by some fake religion; they enjoyed life. The only thing the Potters took seriously was the feud.

The Marshalls were pro-prohibition. They considered alcohol devil's brew.

The Potters were anti-prohibition. In fact, Hettie Potter was rarely without a pint in her apron pocket. She was often heard griping, "There ain't nobody going to tell me what I can drink and what I can't drink."

Women's suffrage was another area of contention. The Marshalls believed that a woman's place was in the home submitting to her husband. The Potters felt that men had dominated women long enough. They opined to anyone who would listen, "Women have as much right to vote as a man."

The clash escalated when Addie Potter married Clarence Marshall. Now the battle had no end in sight. And when the couple took all of their children but one and left the state, forgiveness seemed forever out of the question.

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