Book Signing: Tamara Miller Davis with Despite the Buzz

DESPITE THE BUZZ is a cautionary tale concerning tech's toll, an artfully designed human interest story about learning, relationships, and wellbeing. A motivated new teacher raises awareness about screen use inside her Reflective Writing class, but she doesn't realize there's danger lurking.

Contemporary communication dramatically impacts the learning environment, identity formation, and charged emotions of high school students in the story. When an intimate act is shared over social media, an inciting incident demonstrates that the potential in our pockets could be lethal.

Can Miss Gabby Oliver protect her students? Who survives the traumatic turn of events? Wait for the twist! Get to know the characters. Consider the possibilities.

From Chicago and new to California, Gabby considers her life's timing unique-on the cusp of technology's cutting edge, yet reminiscent of a time before the Internet dominated. She dares to date a coworker, their schoolyard romance tested by today's cyber world. Meanwhile, Gabby manages to stay connected with her deceased mother by way of hopeful handwritten letters.

Inside Miss Oliver's room, a research assignment looks at language, modes of persuasion, and topical issues from distinct teenage perspectives. Inspired by historic figures, diverse students detail their pressing concerns to the president.

This colorful novel, set pre-pandemic, depicts demands upon teachers due to class size, special needs, language barriers, gender sensitivity, gun threats, cell phones, and the challenge of holding students' attention. By providing understanding to those who grew up before and after current trends, this insightful book could build rapport among members from different schools of thought. A variety of people will relate to feelings of digital distraction and modern-day accountability. The story is suited for mature readers ages sixteen and up.

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Saturday, July 10, 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
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ISBN: 9781736372203
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Published: Blue Jay Ink - May 23rd, 2021